Friday, March 16, 2012

Good bye, Big Dog...

I made the very heart-wrenching decision to have my sweet old dog put to sleep this evening. His health has been on the decline in the past year, and those good days were turning into only good moments and were becoming far too outnumbered by the bad.
In December he chewed off a growth he'd had on his side; the stench from it told me it was likely not just a harmless growth anymore. It healed up quickly, but he had recently been reopening the wound, and it was no longer healing at all. That combined with the extra sleeping and the visible pain of movement he was experiencing more frequently were signs the time had come to allow him to be placed to rest in peace and comfort.

I was still torn today as the time for his appointment drew near. We made a trip to the pet store beforehand to pick up some treats for him to have as a last hoorah. The vet confirmed his grim prognosis and assured me I was making the right decision for him. As I saw him struggle to stand from his seated position at her request, I was able to take some comfort in my choice to end his suffering. As he rested in the corner of the examination room, I stroked the hair on his head until he finally passed. There are few things in my life that compare to the difficulty in walking out of that room as he remained there on the cold floor.