Friday, March 16, 2012

Good bye, Big Dog...

I made the very heart-wrenching decision to have my sweet old dog put to sleep this evening. His health has been on the decline in the past year, and those good days were turning into only good moments and were becoming far too outnumbered by the bad.
In December he chewed off a growth he'd had on his side; the stench from it told me it was likely not just a harmless growth anymore. It healed up quickly, but he had recently been reopening the wound, and it was no longer healing at all. That combined with the extra sleeping and the visible pain of movement he was experiencing more frequently were signs the time had come to allow him to be placed to rest in peace and comfort.

I was still torn today as the time for his appointment drew near. We made a trip to the pet store beforehand to pick up some treats for him to have as a last hoorah. The vet confirmed his grim prognosis and assured me I was making the right decision for him. As I saw him struggle to stand from his seated position at her request, I was able to take some comfort in my choice to end his suffering. As he rested in the corner of the examination room, I stroked the hair on his head until he finally passed. There are few things in my life that compare to the difficulty in walking out of that room as he remained there on the cold floor.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Got exactly what I was wanting and waiting for...

I remember writing this post for NaBloPoMo in 2010. I was basically down to one last shot to fulfill my desire for a fourth child in my family before the end of the year. After nine unrewarding cycles, I was trying to not think about what might happen if the tenth was just another unsuccessful attempt.

We left for Chicagoland mid-December to visit NS's family. He'd been working overnights up until that point to better manage his school work. I didn't force the "trying"; I didn't want to stress over having to take advantage of any specific, timely opportunities. This was the one month I was going to really just go with the flow and not fret over whether or not we would get it "right."

Our visit with the family was great. NS's sister arrived from England a couple days after us, and we all went out with their old neighborhood friends one night to catch up (and meet for the first time in some cases). There was drinking, a lot of drinking, involved in this night. Like I said, not really stressing over the getting pregnant and therefore, acting pregnant anymore. I was over it. I was already prepared to see if we could go another couple months before abandoning the road to conception so that we'd given it a full twelve cycles, a solid amount of time for healthy couples not suffering from infertility issues.

Well, it would seem New Year's Eve 2010 was upon us. I began to realize that the dreaded witch could very well bring her ugliness on before our return to Washington on the 3rd. And, I had nothing to keep her from making a mess of my wardrobe. So, off we went to the drugstore to buy some feminine protection products. Of course, those items are located right next to their counterparts, pregnancy tests. Since it is New Year's Eve, and I'd like to make sure I'm not pregnant so I won't have any doubts about drinking that night, I decide to throw a couple two-pack boxes of those tests in the basket as well.

Once we return to the house, I open one of the boxes, take out a test, and retreat to the bathroom, certain to see a single-line, not-pregnant result. I watched the test fill with pee and dye (I know to do that now after misreading the first test I took from my twins) and waited for things to settle where they may...

Holy crap! I could not believe I finally got my positive freakin' pregnancy test on the LAST DAY of the year. I called NS into the bathroom, so he could see it for himself. He went out and told his parents before I even had a chance to suggest we may want to wait a bit before getting all excited and announcing it. We told his sister and her husband next, and then I called my mom. It was such an unbelievably awesome end to my 2010 and start to my 2011.

Yeah, I went back to the drugstore and returned those feminine protection products the very next day.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written a post here; I didn't even feign an attempt at NaBloPoMo last year. I've missed updating here, so for the new year, I am resolving to get back into personal writing. There have been some changes to my life in the past year, namely the addition of a baby girl. We'll refer to her as Baby P, or BP for short. Thus, the blog will need a new name, and I am open to suggestions. Right now, the best idea I've had in the past two minutes is "House Full of Monkeys."

Tomorrow I'll elaborate on our discovery of BP's pending arrival.