Saturday, November 27, 2010

When efficiency is a downfall...

I spent a bit of time today ordering Christmas presents for the kids as well as birthday presents for M and J. Since we will be with NS's parents for Christmas this year, we are shipping presents there to avoid having to pack them or drag them on the plane with us. That is a great plan, and one I was remembering to follow quite easily. Unfortunately, I didn't take the time needed to realize that one of the orders I placed was for M and J's BIRTHDAY presents, which is, you know, two weeks BEFORE Christmas. Yep, I shipped 'em to NS's parents. Within half an hour of placing said order, I contacted the company's customer service to try to change the shipping address. I thought for sure it would be able to be done. Um, no, not so much. They had already processed the order and were preparing it for shipping (so they said at the time, which I so did not believe at the time), so their best suggestion was to have the people I shipped it to refuse the shipment so that it would be returned to the company and then they could send it to my house. You know what I thought of that? That there is no way that process would allow the shipment to be here in time. So, I called to see about canceling the order so that I could reorder with the correct shipping address. The woman I spoke with was very compassionate towards my situation and double-checked the order status to make sure they couldn't change the shipping address. She confirmed that it was ready to ship and couldn't be shipped to a different address at this point. She did offer to attempt to intercept the package once the tracking information was available so that it would be returned to the company and resent to the correct address. I think this is likely to work as I've had something like that done before, but I was still flabbergasted that this order was ready to be shipped less than an hour after I hit the Submit button on their webpage. I received the shipping confirmation with tracking number not much after this, so I guess they really were that quick and efficient with my order. Too bad this was a time when I would rather have been dealing with a company that took a bit more time to move from "ordered" to "shipped" status.

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