Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Up in flames...

I was perusing the list of writing prompts on the NaBloPoMo site a few minutes ago, and I saw this one from September 30th: If your house was on fire, what five things would you be glad to see go up in flames?

As pictured over there <---, the first thing I'd be glad to see go up in flames and be jumping for joy to replace is our couch. Our couch has been a giant disappointment. Its quality is not fitting with its price, and it has deteriorated at a much too rapid rate in the 2+ years we've had it. We can't even wash the cushion covers anymore because they are barely hanging on with shreds, literally shreds and threads, of fabric. It's too big an expense for us to outright replace it now as much as we'd love to. Not when it isn't absolutely necessary and when we still have little children who make messes wherever they go.

I'm also not hesitant to say I wouldn't be sad to see our kitchen cabinets go to dust. They're old and poorly remodeled, not to mention their inferior organization.

And, since I'm demolishing stuff in the house I don't like with this imaginary fire, I'll get rid of the basement, too. Bad carpet, a room that's more like a large closet that's passing for a guest room, some ugly wall paneling...yeah, it can all go.

The washer and dryer would be nice to replace also. The washer is about 8 years old, and the dryer's probably about 10. The washer is permanently stuck on extra-large loads, which is better than the opposite probably since we wash full loads 99% of the time we do laundry. They both work just fine, especially when considering their ages, but a pretty red set wouldn't make me miss them at all.

Finally, I wouldn't balk at the chance to replace all our towels with new matching pieces. Good quality, plush towels that would make the end of every bath or shower feel like a luxury spa experience.

Do you have something that you wouldn't mind letting go of in a fire even if you can't justify parting with it otherwise?

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