Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unenergetic and procrastinating...

I promised myself that I wouldn't put my essay off until the end of the week, you know, the day it is due. But, here it is Thursday night, and all I've got is a browser window full of tabs with possibly relevant information, a few notes jotted about what I plan to put in the essay, and a very rough draft of part of the introduction. It's a solid start, I suppose, but I had wanted it to be mostly done by now, not just started.

Oh well, it will get done tomorrow, probably with a small dose of panic as the time ticks by on my day, and all will be fine. I just don't have the energy right now. M and J had a half-day at school today, so I had all three boys with me running errands, which always seems to quadruple the amount of time it would take if I were running solo. I also made a dinner a minor step above my dinners of late (the ones where I make some sort of meat in 15 minutes and then throw raw fruits or veggies at plates until they seem balanced enough) as well as a soup for the boys' teachers to have tomorrow during their long day of conferences since I volunteered to do so last month.

The soup turned out much better this time than it did when I tested it a couple weeks ago; it helps when you actually follow the instructions in the recipe, I think. And, according to NS, dinner was awesome. We had chile pork and a persimmon and pear salad (both recipes found on I enjoyed it well enough; awesome is a bit of a stretch for my taste buds, though. NS and I have wildly differing tolerances and affinities for acidity in salad dressings. I make an apple cider vinegar and bacon grease dressing that I love and could eat every day; too much vinegar, he says. Tonight's salad was lemon juice and olive oil base; he thought it was fantastic, and I thought something was missing. Those persimmons sure made up for it, though...yum!

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