Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Stop the Layoffs and So Will the Stock Market SlifeLike I said yesterday, I haven't been working since July. A week or so into the month of July, I had an early morning meeting scheduled with my supervisor. I thought it was going to be a quick project briefing. When I called for the meeting, I found out it wasn't just us - manager and head of the department were also on the line.

That's when I knew it wasn't going to be any regular meeting, and that I was going to get off that line and be in a different status than I was when I dialed in.

Unfortunately, the company had not been spared by the difficult economic times we're all too familiar with right now. They'd had to eliminate positions all over the company, even some of our team. We also knew there was more downsizing to come, so I wasn't completely shocked when I got the news. I knew it was a real possibility. NS and I had talked about it and figured out what our plan would be if it came to be a reality instead of a hypothetical. That plan was that I would work a part-time job at night if I couldn't find a suitable job in my field.

I had just over three weeks to wrap things up before my time with the company would come to an end. Once this situation actually became real, the plan NS and I had come up with pretty much went right out the window. Positions in my field generally require a four-year degree plus experience. That degree is not something I have. Part-time work in the evenings is also very hard to come by right now; turns out I'm not the only mom who wants that kind of job. What to do, then?

After some discussion and some number-crunching, NS and I decided it would be possible and probably best if I went back to school to complete my degree. It would make me more marketable and also allow me to ask for higher compensation in the future. He even found the perfect program for me: a distance learning program through Old Dominion University that offers a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies for Professional Writing.

I had to scramble to meet deadlines and be able to enroll for the Fall semester, but I managed to get it all taken care of, and now I'm a full-time student again after almost ten years off in search of myself.

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Jonathan said...

Wonderful news! I've often wondered what it would be like to go back to college, but as I'm the breadwinner in our little family, it's not going to happen :)