Thursday, November 25, 2010


Looks like I won't be displaying a NaBloPoMo success badge this year. We had quite a little snow storm on Monday and ended up without power for almost 48 hours. Our mode of heating is a wood-burning fireplace, so we stayed warm enough, but cooking proved quite the task with only a charcoal grill outside. Our power was restored just after NS prepared a feast of grilled bratwurst and grill-heated soup and served it up. Since we weren't really sure if we'd have power today, we weren't fully prepared for making our typical Thanksgiving fare. However, we still managed to pull off quite the delicious treat with a smoked turkey with homemade garlic mayonnaise and fresh cranberry sauce for dipping, garlic mashed potatoes with turkey dripping gravy, a sweet potato and cranberry bake, and roasted brussel sprouts with macadamia nuts (if it doesn't sound good, just trust me, they're more than good).

Today, I am thankful for my truly wonderful family and the convenience of electricity and all the wonder it brings to my life.

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