Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lack of interest...

Yesterday morning, as I was driving along to get to the Expo location, I was pondering this blog and what I want to post about, which inevitably led me to thinking about how I used to always have something to write about, something I wanted to write about to get it out of my head. And, now, that is rarely the case. My life lacks drama nowadays, and that's very suitable for me. But, it means there's a lot less need for me to reach for my emotional outlet. No drama seems to yield little interest oftentimes.

Anyway, so I was winding through these towns on my drive, and I see this motel. I think to myself, that looks like a seedy sort of place, the kind of motel that people having affairs in a small town would go to. Not too far away, I see a church, and a whole story builds in my mind about a couple of not-so-happily married churchgoers finding each other during choir practices and beginning a disgraceful and sorted affair...using that motel as their rendezvous haven. I figure they'll be caught in their deceptions and live miserably, longing for forgiveness and uncomplication, after that. It was a short-lived tale in my head, but it was a random creation of drama where none probably exists that I happened upon shortly after thoughts of how little drama and outside interest my life now holds.

I then immediately wondered if other people find themselves doing that, imagining unlikely events based upon an ordinary set of scenery.

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