Thursday, November 04, 2010

The business...

Gina Benson - H2O at Home Independent AdvisorAbout a month ago, I went to a get together with a few women from a mom's group I belong to. It was an open house with a few party-based businesses present: jewelry from Stacy McBride, a spa collection from For Your Pleasure, and then the unexpected highlight of natural home care products from H2O at Home.

The woman who showed us the H2O at Home products casually answered our questions, and the demonstration of the all-natural clay powder had me hooked (along with everyone else). The simple container of non-flashy and quite unspectacular-looking clay, when paired with a wet, tough yet non-abrasive sponge, was magical. The white porcelain sink of our hostess's kitchen had some scratches and scuffs from normal, everyday use that hadn't been able to be removed from other cleaners or scrubbings. With this clay and sponge combo and minimal effort from our H2O at Home lady, all the blemishes disappeared from that sink. I bought some things that night and eagerly awaited my delivery so I could put this clay to the test in my house, a house that is about 30 years old and had been abandoned for about a year before we moved in, which is my way of saying that there is some layers of stubborn staining from water and minerals in our bathrooms. Well, I guess I should say there was some stubborn staining because that clay and sponge duo knocked those stains stubbornness into oblivion.

So, having looked at home much their business kit cost and what was included in said business kit, I decided I had nothing to lose in signing up. At worst, I got a lot of products I'd want anyway and only pay a fraction of the retail price. I am just so amazed by these products. They are developed in France and meet very high standards for their natural and organic certification, much higher standards than we use in the U.S. I had mostly eliminated toxic cleansers from our house anyhow because I think they do more harm than good, but my vinegar and water never gave the same clean appearance as I'd want and as I've found with these natural cleaners. The microfibers are the answer to most of my cleaning woes. A little water and these wondercloths have made me look for things to clean just because I know it will be and LOOK clean. Total win.

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