Tuesday, December 08, 2009


With the rampant obsession of Twilight heightened by the release of the new movie, I've begun wondering if I'm missing yet another girl gene, like the ones that supposedly makes us want to have long relationship talks or prone to chatting on the phone. I don't seem to have those, either.

I have less than an inkling of interest in reading the Twilight books and even less than the less than an inkling of desire to endure the movies. Everything I have heard about the written series is that they are so atrociously written yet inexplicably captivating, forcing those who begin to suffer through and push forward to the end, that people don't have any idea why they continued reading or claim to not regret it. Or better yet, why they LOVED IT. That is not the kind of endorsement I'm inclined to follow.

There's the brain candy factor. The things we partake for no other reason than simplistic enjoyment rather than any level of enlightenment. I get brain candy. I really do. But, brain candy books are not generally the cause for hysteria and all-out obsession. Brain candy books are the kind you toss in your beach bag for a day of relaxing solitude while you're listening to the breaking waves and cawing gulls, toes polishing the crystal grains of sand. Brain candy books do not spur heated arguments with people you may not have even met involving fanatic teams for the characters. This cannot be simply chalked up to a mindless reading treat.

I just don't get it, I guess. I roll my eyes whenever I see or hear or read anything about the Twilight craze...just like many men, which begs the pondering of my lacking some female genetic code that processes the understanding for such things. Anyone care to take a stab at how this series of books and now movies, widely accepted to be awful examples of both media, has stirred such mania?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

For the sake of time...

Considering I still need to shower before I crawl into bed for the night, I'm jotting down a few bullets.

  • Yesterday morning was a glorious morning with nearly no back pain. I could turn my torso any which way I was so inclined. I could even move from sitting to standing with near ease. Finally! Hallelujah!! This was until approximately two and half hours later when Miss P escaped out the back door, knocking me down to land directly on my left hip. The quick jarring of my spine immediately sent a shock to my brain, and we're back to difficult movement and stiff changes of position.

  • That little escapade of hers nearly cost her a nice new doggie bed for Christmas. I had just processed the order before it all went down.

  • Speaking of orders, M and J's birthday party is in a couple days. I waited as long as I could to get a decent attendee count before placing my order for party supplies and favors. Considering they want a Super Mario party, and the distribution for that particular party theme seems limited to Amazon and eBay, it was a must order online type of thing. I paid way too much for the expedited shipping to ensure everything would arrive by Friday, tomorrow. There were two orders involved in this. One of those orders I had to cancel today because it still had not shipped, and the other was shipping quickly, but for some reason isn't being delivered expeditiously. Latest report from UPS tracking is that this package will not arrive tomorrow. I may very likely refuse delivery on Monday if that is when it comes. Otherwise, they will have another Super Mario party next year.

  • Spaghetti dinner with a toddler is bound to stir some hearty laughs in the belly. This much fun with food is probably illegal somewhere...

Carefully gather saucy noodles in mouth while hovering over plate.

Prepare for tasty consumption.

Swing the noodles round and round and side to side...don't forget the crazy eyes!

I don't understand why you're laughing like that...or why you've got the camera out.

And, now, the wee saucy one is awake again. Dagnabit! No clean mama tonight:(