Monday, November 02, 2009

A whale of a time...

whale watching in San Juan IslandsToday's writing prompt for NaBloPoMo is a once in a lifetime experience you've had or hope to have. The first experience that popped into my head was whale watching, though that's actually been a twice in a lifetime experience for me.

The first time I went whale watching was the summer before my senior year of high school. The coolness of the breeze on the deck of the boat, the breathlessness I felt each time a whale was sighted, the pure awe that overpowered all other emotion and thought as the glistening black and white creatures glided alongside our boat and propelled their mass inexplicably from the depths of the water into the's an experience that has stuck with me for over a decade now. The memories are a source of comfort in freedom and solitude I reflect on from time to time.

I've written before about my dream of being able to retire to a life of guiding whale watching tours. Ironically, at that time, I dismissed the idea that I could ever possibly live in Washington state, but here I am, happy and longing to stay.

One of my birthday presents from NS this year was another whale watching trip. The scenery, the overwhelming sense of gratitude to be lucky enough to witness such beauty in our natural world...the feelings flooded back immediately once I saw a fin break through the blue glass. I took so many pictures, yet none of them captured what I saw; I switch the camera to video, which helped a bit; but, in the end, I just savored the experience for my everlasting memories, knowing it will all stay with me. I hope to journey on many more whale watching expeditions in my lifetime. Each one feels like a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure forever. The peacefulness that washes over me while watching these magnificent beasts is unlike anything else I can remember. The experiences are so clear and isolated and meaningful for me; my wish at the end of my life is to have my ashes scattered where I can be part of their habitat because I am certain I could truly rest in peace amongst these animals that have thoroughly captivated me simply through their existence.


Tabitha said...

Great post in response to the NaBloPoMo writing prompt! I went whale watching in fourth grade and remember very similar feelings of peace, excitement and awe. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great NaBlo work. :)

meloukhia said...

I live on a whale migration route so have come to view whale sightings as pretty prosaic; it's nice to be reminded that I actually live somewhere pretty special and get to see something amazing on a regular basis!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Tabitha - Thanks. I often wonder if other people having similar feelings during the experience.

meloukhia - I'm jealous!