Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well, I'm going to try participating in NaBloPoMo again this year. I made it through the first two but failed miserably last year when I didn't even remember such a thing existing until a few days in.

I'll start with the obligatory Halloween post to make things easy on myself. I woke up incredibly late (10:30-ish, I think) yesterday morning...well, incredibly late considering I'm nearly thirty and have three small children, two dogs, and a husband doing major construction in our home. I say "woke up", but I guess it was more about when I actually managed to leave the bed than when I became conscious of the world. I blame LMX. If I tried to move away from him, he'd just tackle me or not-so-gently roll over onto me. He's soft and squishy and cuddly, but he's also a self-serving, molesting bed hog. I'm not sure how someone less than three feet tall can manage to procure over half of a California king-sized bed, turned sideways for maximum width, and leave the two fully-grown adults sharing a single pillow, but he does it every night. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be about our Halloween and not really about co-sleeping with a toddler, so back to the story.

NS was busy, busy finishing the installation of new hardwood flooring in the twins' room, a task he loathes with all the loathing he can muster after a week of serious, solo manual labor. And, I don't know where my day got wasted, but I believe it probably involved some dishes and some food/meal prep and some child care...the type of things that never seem to amount to much at the time but are a time-sucking vacuum at the end of it all. Then, a couple hours after lunch, the boys and I spent a great deal of time trying to tidy up our slightly cramped and horrendously trashed living quarters, the lower floor of the house, for the possibility of a visit from the babysitter.

Now, let me back track a bit. NS and I were invited to an adults-only Halloween party a while ago. There was supposed to be childcare available for those of us with little people in our charge. I contacted the person who was supposed to be coordinating it all as soon as I knew who she was. I simply asked if I could find out the details. She took a few days to get back to me and gave me very little in the way of details but said she'd have more information the following week. Two weeks later, with the party less than a week away, still no word on the details. I contact her again asking for more information on how the childcare arrangements were supposed to work. I still haven't received a reply to that email, but the host of the party did contact NS a couple days later to let him know that the childcare arrangements for the party were canceled due to a supposed lack of interest, as in no one had requested the services. So, Thursday before the Saturday night, Halloween night party, I'm scrambling to find a sitter. My first request was to the woman who babysat for us about a month ago. Thankfully, she responded that night to say she didn't think it would be a problem but needed to check her son's plans before confirming and would let me know on Friday. Well, I didn't get a confirmation nor a decline Friday, so I didn't really know how to plan my day Saturday. I figured I'd call her around five o'clock Saturday to see if we could expect her to be coming, but she beat me to the call by twenty minutes. So, until shortly before five Saturday evening, we didn't really know if we had spent our time tidying up for anyone or not.

Unfortunately, the procrastination during the early part of the week and the last-minute scrambling in the latter part left us no time to carve jack-o-lanterns into our pumpkins. So, they went on the steps whole and uncut.

I managed to get the kids fed, costumed (Yoshi, a Toadette ghost, and Toad...yay for Super Mario Bros.!), and ready to beg for candy at about a quarter to six. We begin our trek in the direction of a barn I'd seen being outfitted for some spooky festivities. As it turns out, when most of the houses are set pretty far back from the road, often uphill, people don't fancy the door-to-door trick-or-treating tradition so much. We tried a few houses before we arrived to the candy to be had. The barn was definitely decorated for Halloween, but it seemed more like a party, and I wasn't sure we were really invited, so we left and then headed in the opposite direction, one which ended in a small subdivision, cul-de-sac road, which I figured would be our best bet for treats. After another couple disappointing door bell ringings, I told the boys we needed to optimize our house selections, which meant we'd only stop at the houses we could see had a light on and decorations. The first house we came to meeting these new criteria resulted in our first score for the evening. The woman said she thought the boys were the first trick-or-treaters she'd ever had. I explained that we were still kind of new to the street and weren't sure if this is what the kids here did, and she assured me that she took her kids up and down the street when they were young. She doled out full-sized candy into the boys' bags and encouraged them to come see her again next Halloween because she just loves to see trick-or-treaters. As it turned out, my thoughts on the subdivision, cul-de-sac area on our road were spot on. Nearly every house was celebrating the holiday. I snagged some yummy hot apple cider, and the boys got "so much candy!" J is officially on-board with the Halloween spirit. He just thought it was the best night ever, what with the dressing up as his favorite character and walking up to houses and ringing door bells to ask for candy and then receiving actual candy...really, what's not to love about that? The big boys had a blast, and the little one had so much fun he passed out on the walk home and proceeded to cuddle with his Toad hat in bed after we got home. Of course, he woke just before the sitter arrived, and being a sufferer of some high anxiety surrounding separation from his mama, he didn't allow us to leave for about 30-45 minutes. Though, as "they" always say, he calmed down within 5 minutes of us being gone and entertained the sitter and her husband until 15 minutes before we got home. It was the best Halloween I've had in years.

And, what would this post be without some shots of the kids? Not much, that's what. So, here they are...

Ghost of Toadette, Toad, and Yoshi

M as actual Toadette for the Kindergarten party

J as Yoshi for the Kindergarten party

And, with that, Day 1 for NaBloPoMo is done, with not much time to spare.


Churlita said...

Yea! You're back. I love the Halloween costumes. So cute.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Thanks!! And, I managed day two as well! I haven't posted this much in many, many months. I've been out of it far too long for my own comfort.