Thursday, November 12, 2009

This beauty of a ruby ain't red...

Let's get back to the exploration of Washington nature road trip from July. After the Hoh Rainforest, we headed to Ruby Beach. Our trip began very early in the morning, very early. The big kids were carried to the car in pajamas early. After our brief hike in the rainforest, they changed into shorts and t-shirts. The weather there was our typical summer day in Washington, or what one might call perfect. The kind of weather in which you can be just as comfortable in shorts and a tank top as you would be in jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt. No rain, just gorgeous light pouring through the trees.

This meant we were all ill-prepared for the beach portion of our trip. Even as we approached the beach via that pretty little trail with mountain views and quaint streams, we couldn't have expected what we found at the beach. Ruby Beach was an entirely different climate. It was early afternoon; we planned this to be where we'd eat our picnic lunch. It felt cooler when we got out of the car, so we made sure to have M and J bring their blankets. Thank goodness for some small measures.

We sat huddled on a large rock beneath the overcast sky, so full of clouds that it was like a fuzzy white blanket resting upon the treetops, as though Mother Nature had constructed a makeshift fort over the beach. The whole place looked surreal. It was breathtaking.

After lunch, M and J began exploring the rocky terrain around us. LMX placated his toddler senses by digging through the sand and unearthing smooth, rounded pebbles, so different from those usual edgy rocks he finds at home in the yard. A short while later, NS carted LMX off with Miss P for some Newfie fun. Once they returned, M and J wanted to walk along the shore as well. So, they and NS and Miss P and K went to climb the rocks while LMX and I kept each other warm, admiring the scenery.

Would you believe that even after a terror-inducing fall into the bone-chilling water that is the Pacific Ocean, J still thought this beach was fun? I wouldn't have, but he did. We all did. Ruby Beach was my favorite stop on the road trip.

Looking to the left of our big rock table

A glance slightly right of our direct view from the big rock table

The view from peering over my right shoulder

M wrapped in his Wall-E blanket

A candid shot of M and LMX just after we settled on our big rock lunch spot

J showing a remarkable lack of fear, maneuvering over the rocks in his well-worn Cars shoes

LMX living his fantasy

NS, LMX, and Miss P as they wander away...if the puppy didn't look like she was pooping, I'd frame this one

Miss P after her shoreline expedition
*** With this post, I have now posted more in the less than half a month of this November than I have the previous ten months of this year. That's an accomplishment whether I succeed with the NaBloPoMo challenge or not. ***

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