Friday, November 13, 2009

My boys Friday - M...

I figure the best way for me to do these posts on my favorite things about my boys is to post pictures that exemplify those characteristics.

Tonight is all about M, my oldest by way of technicality and ease. Up until birth day, he was my baby B, positioned to come into the world after his twin brother. But, since his twin brother had gone and gotten himself lodged in a breech position while M remained in the proper vertex position, M was easier for my doctor to pull through the slash in my belly and was, therefore, born first.

He has a wonderful sense of humor. Like last year when he played Santa and brought us all "treasures" as we "slept".

Doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

Loves lemons.

He lets us convince him to put his hair into a fauxhawk.

He has a very special, unique style. Like when he sported this awesome Thomas the Tank Engine hat with those super fine green spectacles. He currently loves all things Mario Kart and Super Mario...and Hello Kitty.

Appreciates his time with Dad.

He was the first kid to learn to ride his bike. He was determined to do this because he wants to race motorcycles, and we explained that riding a non-motorized bicycle would be the logical first step.

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