Friday, November 27, 2009

My boys Friday - LMX...

LMX is my littlest boy, though he may not always be able to carry that moniker since he's months away from two years old and already in his big brothers' 3T clothing.

It is quite remarkable how much he resembles NS. I remember that being my first thought when I first saw him.

He is a quirky, entertaining bundle of joy. He is a true naturist. I have a picture that is evidence of this but couldn't bring myself to share it with the world. But, oh, how I will treasure that priceless captured moment of time! It took us a few tries to find a shoe he would wear for any duration of outside playtime. That was about three months ago. The shoes were his SpongeBob Crocs. I think it was maybe last week that we were finally able to convince him he didn't need to wear them all day and night. Not kidding, the kid slept with his shoes on and would pitch a colossal fit if his shoes were removed, whether by force or by accident. He's usually very easy-going, though.

Will try any food that has been consumed by someone else in his presence. Then usually eats it with gusto.

Already picking up mom and dad's hobbies.

Fond of the doggies.

Can sleep soundly through anything. Except his brothers' voices. Seriously, he's dozed peacefully through fireworks set off on the driveway a few yards from our seat, but he can't nap while his brothers ask me two questions.

Loves splashing in any water - pool, stream, puddle, sink, dog dish...

Longs to be big enough to play with his brothers.

He's our squishy. And, he's got dimples, too!

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