Wednesday, November 04, 2009


jackassM and J returned from a nearly three-day (local) visit with IFKAMH and his mom and daughter. Visits pretty much always involve his mom and daughter, but that's another story. This is the longest stint they've had thus far. The boys seemed to have a good enough time. Of course, when there's swimming and toy shopping and Chuck E Cheese crammed into two and half days, it would be kind of hard for a kid to have a bad time.

I honestly don't know how he can consider himself to be such a devoted and committed parent. He forgot when their first day of Kindergarten was. Despite having done one drop-off and pick-up at their school during the last visit (the end of September), he couldn't remember how to find the school, his mom didn't know the name, and neither remembered what time the boys started or ended their day or the procedure for the drop-off/pick-up. He didn't bother to pay attention to any information on the boys' homework that I told him Sunday when he picked them up, and as of 7 p.m. Monday night (homework due Tuesday), the work had not yet been started and probably wouldn't have been completed had I not mentioned it during my call to tell the boys good night.

But, really, what frustrated me enough to choose this as my post material tonight is the fact that there was a survey in the boys backpacks Monday. He asked me about it, and I told him it was something I needed to complete and to please leave it in their backpacks or return it to me when he dropped the boys off on Wednesday. Do you think I have the surveys? No, of course I don't. When I contacted him to ask about them, he said he just knew the papers were in their stuff somewhere...he just couldn't remember where. No, actually, they aren't in their "stuff" anywhere because I unpacked everything, emptied their backpacks, leafed through books, and checked every last bag and each pocket of those bags that came into my home. Now, I'm stuck trying to obtain new surveys from the school tomorrow, to be completed and returned tomorrow, since these surveys are responsible for the security of a significant percentage of the school's Federal funding. Jackass, I tell you.

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