Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ice, ice, baby...

ice hockey skatesOur elementary school had a skate night tonight at a local ice skating center. Some of the money from the sales goes to support our PTSA, which does a lot of great things for the school, so I wanted to go, especially when it wouldn't be super expensive.

M and J have never been ice skating before. They've gone roller skating once or twice, but they don't really remember it very well. They were rather unsure about how excited they should be to go ice skating once it was time to go.

We managed to arrive 30 minutes before the end of the 90-minute skating session. By the time we paid, got everyone's skates, and then put everyone's skates on, we were left with a solid 15 minutes of circling the ice rink.

NS plopped LMX on his shoulders as I guided each of the big boys onto the wall and then stepped onto the ice myself. I don't really remember my first ice skating experience clearly, but I feel certain that my instincts were to glide on the smooth, slippery ice; M and J's instincts were to walk. Attempts at walking on ice quickly turns into some flaily "running man" type movements, which can and does result in a fall or two a few times. We etched our path around the ice two full times. A full turn more than J set as his goal. We even managed to pass a group of five or six kids hanging out by the wall, meaning we were all away from the wall ourselves.

I was so proud of them tonight. They enjoyed every minute...didn't complain, didn't whine, none of that "I can't" nonsense. NS and I both noticed that lessons start next week and are set at a reasonable price. We asked the boys if they'd be interested in coming back every week to learn how to skate better. They both seemed very excited by this. So, it looks like M and J will start lessons next weekend thanks to an early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa. What a fun adventure.

We stuck around a bit to watch the Zamboni make its run, and after realizing that a hockey game was about to start a few minutes later, we stayed a bit longer so the boys could watch. They both think hockey would be a fun sport to play. I certainly wouldn't mind attending some hockey games. Hockey rates high on my list of sports that are actually fun as spectators.

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