Monday, November 16, 2009

Game time...

100,000 Beads to CandylandI've been thinking a lot lately about the kind of things I hope my children experience and remember from their childhoods. One of those things is a family game night. M and J are definitely getting to an age of being able to fully participate and enjoy such a thing. First thing we need to do, though, is bulk up our game collection. So, I started trying to pinpoint some of my favorite games from my youngest years. I have fond memories of playing round after round of Candyland. It's the very first game that comes to mind when I think of games I played as a child. Chutes and Ladders is another, as well as Uno. My other favorites were Connect 4 (I used to play that for hours, and I'm pretty sure I've played myself a few too many times) and Guess Who. Those two are ones we don't yet have. I think I recall looking at the boxes with the boys one day and noting the age recommendation was for ages 6+...maybe another couple good items to put on the gift ideas list for family. Two that I've never played but have read great raves over are Ticket to Ride (should go over especially well with our train-loving duo) and Blokus.

Anyone have any other games spring to mind as ones children love?

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Susan said...

I absolutely loved the game "Cooties" which they don't even make anymore.