Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A fear of information...

I read someone's Facebook status today that just made me shake my head. She was upset about a Scooby Doo episode talking about Wicca being "innocent and misunderstood". She didn't want her five year-old being "spoon fed this Crap", though she "respects other people's beliefs and all". The first comment posted to this was the best of the few; it pretty much told her to change the channel or turn the television off if she didn't like the message her children might get from it.

I was saddened and disturbed by her fear of her daughter hearing about ideas that may not be the same as her family's. What is wrong with exposing our children (and ourselves, for that matter) to different information, information that is a glimpse into the mind of another human being? It's commentary like hers that really turned me away from identifying with religion. Religions often seem to lead the followers down a path of judgmental superiority and determined ignorance. How can you say you respect other people's beliefs and then call those beliefs "Crap" in the same sentence? It's insulting and close-minded to assume the beliefs of someone else, beliefs that may not align fully with your own, are to be hidden from children. Children deserve access to information. As a parent, you should be happy to take these types of opportunities to share your own beliefs and learn more about the alternative beliefs...and then trust your kids to eventually figure out what they believe.

Hearing some non-negative points of view on another religion during a Scooby Doo episode isn't likely to sway your kids into converting to a different religion than the one you've been exposing them to all their lives. And, if it does, I think you've got bigger issues to fret over than religion, like understanding the difference between real life and make believe, especially the make believe of cartoons.

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