Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm so excited for my mom to have her Christmas present that I can barely stand waiting to send it to her. My mom hasn't been able to come visit since early March. She was making plans to join us for Christmas this year. At the time she'd starting talking about this, the airlines weren't accepting reservations that far out. By the time she was prepared to reserve a flight, the ticket prices had nearly quadrupled. I'm not holding on to much hope that she will be here for Christmas this year.

My mom's 50th birthday is just a month after Christmas. I asked her recently if anyone in Virginia was planning a celebration for her. She said they were not and that she didn't think much would be done about it. If this was going to be a special occasion in Virginia, that I had originally intended to make every effort to be there myself, if not with NS and the boys. But, since it doesn't appear that anyone is going to make any hoopla over this milestone for my mother, I had another idea.

This past week, I looked at ticket prices for flying my mom here the week of her birthday. They aren't dirt cheap, but they are very affordable. That was all I needed to make the decision.

On Christmas morning in Virginia, my mom will open a wrapped box to find an envelope inside. This envelope will contain a Christmas card, like one that holds money. Inside the envelope will be two mock boarding passes (and the printed itinerary) for her round-trip flight in January, the week of her birthday.

Hopefully, this will work for her, and we'll get to have her with us to celebrate her birthday properly, with pink and black balloons and cake and dinner and homemade kids' cards and presents for her. It's taking all my willpower to keep from spilling the beans.