Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A day of rememberance and tribute...

Air Force Veteran's Day posterSome of the most memorable Veteran's Day celebrations I can recall are from my early elementary school years. We always had big, elaborate assemblies to honor the day...maybe because most of the school was military families as it was a couple miles from the Navy base.

I remember one in particular which still sends a sense of patriotism soaring through my blood. Even now, the sound of the entire school singing along with songs like God Bless the USA reverberates in my ears with joy and pride. I can picture me in my navy blue and white polka dotted dress with its ruffled skirt; it was one of those dresses that swished with each movement. I had a matching headband to wear and completed the outfit with lace-trimmed white socks and shiny shoes. It felt so good to stand in the crowd of children and teachers and sing from the depths of our hearts. It felt as though we were part of something truly great and important.

Today, we honored my soldier husband by allowing him to stay home with a house full of rambunctious kids with a couple hours of napping followed by making his own lunch and stacking wood on our deck and finished off with difficult woodwork labor. Somehow, I think our celebration of his service fell short of what it should have been. Thankfully, we aren't limited to just the one day.

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Churlita said...

Tell your husband thanks for me. I went to a Veterans day choir concert and almost cried a bunch of times. IT was so moving.