Thursday, November 19, 2009


I periodically suffer from intense, life-disrupting lower back pain. Generally, the episodes last a few days and then I'm good as gold for another few months. Because the pain always goes away completely in a relatively short period, I've never bothered to seek any medical opinions or treatment. I assume the strain on my back from small children nagging for lots of lap time and quick pick-ups for redirection is the major cause for my broken body.

It figures that just two days before my in-laws arrive for a visit and just a week before the cooking day of thanks, my spine would malfunction. Getting the house cleaned up tomorrow should be an excruciating experiment of gratifying torture, but at least we should all be able to find our clean clothes.

On the bright side, NS is nearly finished encasing our fireplace wall in stone veneer, and our couch is officially relocated back into our main living room. Home remodeling progress, it is both sweet and measurable!

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