Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't let your fish turn into soap...

I haven't been motivated to post much because, quite frankly, when the comfy, oft taken for granted fingertip buttons are missing from half your keyboard, anything more than a simple, unpunctuated phrase doesn't really seem worth the effort. On the bright side, I am remarkably familiar with the blind location of all the keys on the right-side of my Sony Vaio keyboard. I was given a new Acer laptop for Mother's Day. Man, does it feel awesome to have letters show up on the screen at first touch again.

My former laptop

Now, let's see...since I've been quiet on the blogging, all the kids have gone and grown up. J's lost his bottom front teeth; M wishes he could ride his bike without training wheels because he wants to race motorcycles (because that's the essential first step) and is super confident in his ability to cross a street (so he doesn't understand why J continues to yell at him for doing this); and LMX has taken a few wobbly, untethered steps, up to 4 or 5 in a row, though I believe he's just building confidence so he can take off running into the great outdoors, where he is happiest. I've never seen anyone so excited about being pummeled with wind and so cranky when he can't just be left outside to dig in the dirt and eat rocks. Oh, and did I mention my babies are starting Kindergarten in the fall, like, in less than four months? Yep, and they've decided they want to ride the bus to school in the morning. Good thing the bus stop is conveniently located at the end of our driveway because those kids aren't known for their punctuality...well, except maybe for their lack of it.

We went to a Seattle Mariners baseball game last month and cheered for the winning team, the Detroit Tigers, which was really the least we could do since our tickets were courtesy of their awesome player, Curtis Granderson. The boys were decked out in White Sox attire, thanks to their Aunt K, though M and J got free Mariners jerseys at the game through a kids' week promotion and changed into those once we got to our seats.

M ready for game day in his Sox hat

LMX trying to catch a seagull (or the wind) on the ferry ride to the game

Stadium from our seats

Waiting for the game to begin

Our man, Granderson

LMX trying on J's Sox hat

J and M with their Aunt K

How LMX spent the second half of the game

How the big boys spent the second half of the game...playing Mario Kart

LMX attacking Seattle on the ferry ride home

Last weekend (the one before the holiday one), NS and I took the boys to Viking Fest. It was a good time for everyone. LMX got four hours of outside time, and M and J enjoyed the thrill of carnival rides, the rebellion of chocolate chip pancakes for lunch, and the serenity of laying around on big rocks under the sun, kind of like lizards. The end of our festival day was bearing witness to a lutefisk eating contest. In case you don't feel like clicking the link to read about lutefisk on Wikipedia, I'll give you the information we got at the festival. Lutefisk is a cod fish that has been soaked for about a week in lye...yes, lye, like the stuff used to make soap, probably not a common ingredient for many recipes. After the fish has soaked to the point that its ph is altered to the point it becomes very similar to bleach, they begin a week-long rinsing process. Then, they cook it for an hour or so and serve up to eat. Based on the taste-testing of Miss Viking Fest (the teenaged queen of the festival) and her two princesses, this stuff doesn't smell or taste any better than it sounds. Apparently last year's contest winner consumed 4.5 pounds of the stuff. This year, however, the most someone downed was about 2.5 pounds...still an impressively disgusting feat, in my opinion.


M making faces on a picnic table

J on enormous rock (scaled with assistance)

LMX hoping to break through the bars to get those delicious rocks

M drinking his berry-infused, hand-squeezed lemonade

J posing on a rock

Trying to convince LMX to walk in the grass to spare his feet

A picture that was supposed to include both M and J, which does, though they're not both looking at the camera

This is pretty much a re-post from our family blog, which is my effort to get back in the habit of posting because I've got stuff floating in my head ready to be released on the blank screen.