Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free toy - adults only...

Miss Britt had this super brilliant idea to start a review blog. But, it's not a "mommy" review blog. Well, it sort of is, but not like the ones we're used to reading, the ones that review "mom with infant/toddler" products and don't ever get around to reviewing stuff that the mommy might want that has absolutely nothing to do with her kids...except that maybe the kids have made the desire or need for the product more prominent.

To get things off with a bang, she's persuaded the PR folks (aka, Drew) at Eden Fantasys to give away one of their most expensive vibrators.

And, I'm only telling y'all about this because it earns me another chance to win. Otherwise, I'd hope you never know about it, so the drawing pool wouldn't increase in size, rendering my chances to win lower. I've even pondered joining the Twitter masses to up my chances even more. I'm not quite there yet, but if that doesn't prove how much I want to know what makes a mini vibrator worth that price tag, convincing you to refrain from entering this contest for yourself (I promise to report back), then I don't know what could.

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Churlita said...

I think they quadruple the price of anything made for women. That's why tampons are so expensive and they're just a piece of cotton on a string.