Friday, May 30, 2008

Moving on up the growth charts...

LMX had his two-month check-up yesterday afternoon. He's a solid 4 pounds above his birth weight and 3.25 iches longer (or taller if he was a standing human being), which is perfect. He handled his three vaccination pokes like a champ...wailed during the sticks and immediately calmed once they were done. That stuff is always so much harder for parents than the babies.

Two months old and been in his 3-6 month clothes for over a week;> And, of course, he's still rockin' his punkish faux-hawk hair style...providing a source of hours of entertainment for me.

Miss P is a clumsy, enormous puppy. She's about 30-ish pounds at 3 months of age. It seems her leg muscles may not be quite ready to fully support her weight as she can usually be found flopping herself on the ground or at least plopping her butt down whenever possible.

I've one more whole week of maternity leave left. It has gone too quickly, and I just don't want to give up my days of quality baby time, but I must, so I will.

One of my very best friends leaves tomorrow to do contract work in Iraq for at least a year. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Today's her birthday, too.

Oh, by the way, we all survived the snot invasion I previously mentioned; I apologize for any adverse physiological reactions that post or this follow-up may have caused;>

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Snot on my bra...

Giant Microbe common cold plushI had hoped my more-than-once-a-month blog posting would be more varied than the woeful tales of mommydom, but we're not ready for that quite yet, it seems.

Viral germs have invaded and may have conquered my children...all three of them. There's goo oozing out of all of their facial holes; one refuses any symptom-relief medicine (whiny? irritable? YES!) and another is too tiny to get any such stuff. Amazingly, LMX has very little trouble feeding despite his congestion and has remained in mostly good spirits. I've never had such satisfying use of the bulb syringe before in my life, though, which probably helps;>

So, I'm swimming in snot, trying not to drown...although I think I may be going under since the sore throat set in last night. Orange juice is now my beverage of choice, and naptime is anytime there is a mintue or two of peace and quiet.

Oh, and did I mention Miss P, the Newfie puppy that arrived full of pee and poop Friday night? Yeah, she either loves me or hates me because she thinks it's an honor to have me clean up her bodily waste and refuses to leave it outside in the grass when I'm available. Good thing she's super cute and not hyperactive. I'll get some pictures of her posted as soon as I can.

*edited for puppy picture*

Newfoundland puppy

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I must have lost my mind...

Thinking that grocery shopping with two 4 year-old boys and a 7 week-old infant wouldn't be a big ordeal.

A couple days ago, I waited until LMX finished eating, making sure M and J were ready to walk out the door as soon as I was, then packed up the diaper bag and loaded my feeding pillow into the car, and we all headed out for lunch and grocery shopping.

Lunch was easy. But, by the time we finished and arrived at the first store, LMX was ready for another nursing session. So, we sat in the parking lot...M and J listening to the Chinese vocabulary cd that came with their kids' meals and 'reading' books in the back seat, me feeding baby in the front seat. Once LMX seemed finished, I loaded him onto the front of a shopping cart, and we all headed inside. Thankfully, the shirt I chose to wear had long strings dangling from the neckline, presumably to be tied into a bow of some sort, but I just let them hang freely. M and J were told to hold onto those while we shopped. I forgot how hard it is to see where you're going with a baby carseat sitting atop a shopping cart. We managed to escape with everything on the list and without any screaming, wailing, or lost children. I felt like a miracle-worker.

Of course, we couldn't even make it to the next store without another baby-is-awake-and-hungry announcement coming from the center of the backseat. So, I pulled into Wendy's to get M and J frostys to keep them occupied during LMX's feeding. The frostys disappeared into the black holes my boys have for stomachs much faster than LMX could finish his meal. Fortunately, there was a road crew erecting work zone signs along the street in front of Wendy's, which was enough to fascinate M and J until we were ready to continue our journey.

We arrived at the last destination for the day, baby napping. Well, the sleeping didn't last long at all. So, I took him out of his carseat and popped him into his pouch. We barely survived the remainder of this trip without everyone in meltdown mode. LMX was ready to feed once more by the time we made it out the doors of the store.

Since M and J had been patient and well-behaved little boys, they'd been able to pick out some stickers at the last store. These kept them busy while baby and I sat in the front seat attempting to fill his tummy and lull him into a slumber long enough for the drive home. While he didn't stay satisfied all the way home, we all made it back without too much frustration.

Five and half hours since we'd left the house, but it had felt like an eternity, and I couldn't have been more exhausted, especially when I decided to embark on this excursion after a poor night of sleep...poorer than normal, I guess, is more accurate. I ached from head to toe, but I think M and J thought it was a great day. I doubt I'll be attempting that much in one day again any time soon, though. Once was enough least I know we can do it if need be;>

More pictures are on flickr, but here are a couple that show whom I dragged with me on this escapade...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Still adjusting...

I think LMX might finally be settling into a schedule of sorts. It's been rare to find time to do the things that need to be done let alone anything just for the fun of blog reading or blog writing;>

He's a great little baby...nurses well, sleeps extended periods at night (especially in the company of a warm Mommy or Daddy), and has an adorable gummy grin you can't help but love.

M and J were pretty indifferent towards him for a while, only noticing his existence when he cried, which they then equated to a belief that he "cries a lot", which really wasn't the case at all. Now that they've spent more time around him, they are warming up to him. M actually said he likes him, but I suspect that might be because LMX smiled at him a couple days ago. They're becoming such independent little boys and are almost always willing to help.

Our Newfie puppy comes to live with us this weekend, which I'm sure will come with another round of family adjustments. NS, LMX, and I went to visit with the litter of puppies yesterday afternoon, and they are all so adorable and playful; I can hardly wait to see which one NS brings home Friday night.

I'm hoping to find some time to blog here and there now, at least now while I'm still on maternity leave. We'll see how things go.