Friday, February 08, 2008

Prayer answered, wish granted...

Earlier rather than later.

My NS is home!

That's all for now;>

Friday, February 01, 2008

Well, it couldn't be allowed to last for two whole weeks...

So, for a week and a half, I was feeling so much better, happy even. Why should that last? At least now, I know exactly what is bringing me down and hopefully can somewhat avoid it. I've been harassed by IFKAMH for the past couple days, and since it seems obvious that we do not use the same logic when making decisions or arguments about our decisions, I can no longer attempt to discuss anything with him other than specific dates he wishes to visit. The fury that invades me during these phone calls with him is overwhelming and causes an inappropriate amount of stress for me that I absolutely do not need. Hopefully he will now heed my request to leave specific messages when he calls that actually tell me why he is calling so that I can decide whether or not it is a call I can handle. I know I'm not alone in hating it when people call and just leave a message that says, "Hey. Call me when you get this." If I call and leave you a message, you can be assured that you will know exactly why I've called. Is it really necessary to leave a message if you aren't even going to say why you're calling? I mean, he's calling a cell phone; it's pretty obvious when I've missed a call, so why leave a message that basically tells me you called and wanted to talk to me...duh.

Okay, I'm feeling physically drained after the past couple days. Please let NS get home earlier than later; I need a serious pick-me-up.