Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Driving Cross-Country Chronicles - Day 2

Wednesday morning began a tad later than I thought it would with us waking up well after eight o'clock and getting everyone fed breakfast and not beginning the drive to the Louisville, Kentucky, area until nearly ten. With nearly 10 hours of driving to our next destination, our timing was less than ideal.

LMX was not happy with the long distance driving, prompting me for a stop with each passing hour...or less. I finally determined part of his problem might have been due to pressure in his ears from going up and down through the mountains as I noticed some irritating pops in my own ears. I would eventually learn that he probably just hates being in his carseat for any length of time beyond 15 minutes regardless of the terrain's grading.

Speaking of going up and down mountains, I thought my car might get airborn on one of the downhill cruises. My cruise control was set around 65 mph, but with a rapid increase to 85 and no indication of reaching a plateau soon, I tapped the brakes enough to keep us from defying gravity...though that would have made the trip so much shorter. Soon after, NS zoomed past me; he did not feel the need to interfere with nature by using his brakes, so his car exceeded normal traveling speeds by a little bit. All in all, it was a fun time.

Nearing one in the afternoon, right past the entrance to West Virginia, we took a break for lunch. This began with me with me hanging up my phone and then gasping in horror as it slide into my very full 32 oz cup of water instead of the pocket on the side of the diaper bag. I fished it out as quickly as I could in my state of shock and disbelief. I rushed to remove the plastic case in which it is kept "for protection" and started soaking up water and wiping off water and shaking out water. It seems to have survived well, without any loss of functionality or disfigurement, but ever since then, I've been bombarded, more or less, with a message about how "this accessory is not compatible with the iPhone" or some such admonishment, to which I say, "Duh. Water's not a compatible accessory for the iPhone. No kidding, huh?"

Anyway, Big Dog still refused all offers of food during our stop, even human food, as he had been doing for two full days by now. M and J expelled some energy by running around in the grass and posing for some pictures.

I also captured an amusing shot of Miss P airing out her tongue.

With LMX taking a solid four-hour nap after we got back on the road, we were able to cover some quality mileage for the first time since we'd left. We still didn't get to our hotel in Clarksville, Indiana, until almost 8:30 that night, which meant it was nearly nine before we sat down to dinner at IFKAMH's place. Following a late night round of rough-housing, we retreated to the hotel for a night of rest and rejuvenation. The plan for the next day was to meet at their house for lunch and then go to a nearby water park.


Churlita said...

I can't imagine driving that long with your kids being so young. I would be WAY stressed. You really are a rock star.

NoRegrets said...

Wow, what a trip...