Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Driving Cross-Country Chronicles - Day 1...

We left Virginia on Tuesday, August 12th, as planned, just a few hours later than we'd hoped.

First of all, both packing and truck-loading took an extra day each, with our storage unit not getting done until Tuesday morning. I had gotten up early, after getting a whopping two and a half hours of sleep, to meet the movers at the storage unit when the gates open, at seven o'clock, and I thought I was running late when I didn't get there until 7:25. Around eight, I sent NS a text message asking if he had a number to call the movers because I wasn't sure if they'd been there and left or if they just hadn't gotten there yet. I got a message from the moving company a couple minutes later that they were on their way. By nine, one of the trucks was there, the smaller one, driven by one of the packing ladies. The bigger truck was right behind her but disappeared. They had to find a place to turn around and park because the big truck wouldn't fit in the storage area. Our check out inspection was originally scheduled for ten in the morning, but when nothing had been loaded on the truck by 9:45, and I was ten minutes from home with cleaning and car-stuffing left to do, we would not be able to keep that appointment. I called to get it rescheduled for noon.

Just after I left the storage unit, I got attacked by what I now deem to be "sleep-deprived, stressed stomach pains", which are kind of like having a vice grip with razor-sharp ends squeezing my midsection. This happened Saturday morning, too, which is why I think it's from lack of complete sleep, seeing as that was another late night/early morning combo. Well, this shortly rendered me useless in the efforts to finish cleaning the house and packing the cars. Thankfully, NS is awesome and made sure we were ready to go; my family also helped with consolidating some items into bags and accepting items we couldn't take with us, like all our candles and cleaning supplies, NS's woodworking liquids, and my betta fish...yep, Marmaduke was adopted by my mom and her husband.

So, by 2:30 we were finally able to start the drive up to DC to visit with Missalove and her husband and their kiddos for dinner. But, about twenty minutes later, LMX had woken up and wanted me to stop. This was not a good omen for the long drives ahead.

We made it to this first official stop around 6:30 in the evening. After dinner for all the solid food eaters at Red Robin and a meal for LMX back at the house, we were driving again in a few hours. I needed gas about an hour later, and by this time, I was desperate for a place to lay down and sleep. The thought of driving for more than another hour to get to where we were planning to stop for the night was so far beyond less than appealing, so we wandered a little way down the road from the gas station and stayed at a Ramada in Strasburg for the night.

Sleep has rarely felt so good or well-deserved as it did that night. The freedom to rest without the nagging, subconscious awareness of an alarm set, ready to shock the peace out of my mind just to witness my heart quicken its pace to panic mode as it forces my muscles to take flight away from the bed, was a welcome relief from the night's before.


NoRegrets said...

Oh, wow. Poor you... I love the photos, btw.

Tera said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy Day 1!!!

Churlita said...

Yeah. That much driving with kids sure makes you tired, doesn't it? There's no better feeling than getting to your motel after driving all day.

Belle - A Beauty livin with her Beast said...

when my mom died i drove 8 hours with a 1 month old baby, and i thought that was a long drive! i could only imagine how you feel. hang in there!