Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby's 1st meme...

Y'all, this is LMX here. Momma's nearly caught up with the backlog of blog posts in her Google Reader, so you should be hearing from her real soon. In the meantime, I'm taking over to answer some super personal questions for all your inquisitive minds.

1. Cloth or disposable? Well, I've only ever tried disposables (Yeah Pampers!), but as soon as momma gets paid this week, she's ordering me some bumGenius! 3.0 clothies. Promise I'll make her tell you more about them after I've tried 'em out.

2. Breast or bottle? One of daddy's friends sent me a bib that says, "Boobies make me smile," and has a smiley under that; it suits me well;> I've not had the artificial stuff, and mom's planning to keep it that way. I have taken a few bottles with momma's milk, though, and it's a suitable alternative.

3. Eczema or reflux? Neither...whew!

4. Jumparoo or play mat? Jumperoo! JUMPEROO! JUMPEROOOOO! There is no other toy I love more...I get bouncy just thinking about it. As far as I'm concerned, we could just do away with the rest of that crap.

5. Mommy or Daddy? I love people. Just talk to me all excited with a smile, and I'm your friend...until I get hungry.

6. Sling, front carrier, or stroller? Sling was great in the beginning, super easy for me to snuggle against momma's chest and make her feel like she's got a kangaroo pouch, but it's getting a little difficult for mom to fit me into, I think. Now, for anything more than a quick trip, I'm hanging out with ease in the Ergo carrier. Mom would rave about it if you asked her how she likes it. Apparently, it's quite easy on the back and will hold me for years to come. She'd probably tell you these are a couple of her most favorite purchases despite their cost. I've got a questionable tolerance for the stroller...well, maybe that's just because of the disdain I have for my carseat carrier, which mom may tell you more about as she finishes the chronicles of our drive to Washington.

7. Pacifier or thumb? Usually, pacifier. I don't use my fingers or thumbs much for comfort or soothing, but I do love them for entertainment.

8. Bumbo seat or bouncy seat? Bumbo ALL THE WAY. I love feeling like I can sit and hang with everyone as they do their sitting.

9. White noise or silence while sleeping? I think my mom would prefer it to be silent while we sleep, but I don't really care what's going on while I snooze.

10. Crib, Pack'n'Play, or parents' bed? I fall asleep in mom's arms. She takes me to the Pack'n'Play next to her and dad's bed, but I sleep next to her in their bed after I wake up for a middle of the night feeding. I hear we'll be changing out the Pack'n'Play for one of my big brothers' cribs once we move into the new house, though.

Thanks Zoot and Culture Cat for a cute and fun twist on the blog meme!

And, yes, AndyZ, I know about the feet, too. Just wait 'til you get them in your mouth...positively awesome discovery!


Melissa said...

Clever boy, blogging already!

Churlita said...

That is so awesome. I don't think I even knew what a meme was when my girls were babies.

NoRegrets said...

Does he type with his toes?

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

melissa - I know! I'm glowing with pride;>

churlita - I didn't know what one was until a few years ago myself.

noregrets - I didn't watch, but I will try to teach him some toe dexterity. There's a lot of potential in toes as highly useful multitasking tools; mine are often referred to as "monkey toes" by someone I know -cough- NS;>