Thursday, December 20, 2007

They are little individual people...

It is becoming very clear to me just how right other mothers were when they told me that 4 year-olds begin exhibiting individuality and independence...and that this year is the "terrible" year with twins rather than the twos. But, thankfully, among the many moments of frustration and blood-boiling and steam-spewing from my ears and times when I'd rather sit in the closet and bang my head against the wall while sobbing, there are the other moments that make me laugh and smile and just pause and reflect on how these little boys are such unique people, separate from me.

M is developing an amusing southern drawl. The boy has turned the word "that" into three syllables, usually when used at the end of a sentence. Makes me smile every single time I hear it. I have no idea how his accent is so strong because mine is certainly not.

Know who gags at the thought of raw tomatoes? Me. Know who loves them and eats them at every opportunity? My son, J. If he didn't have so many other qualities that do resemble me, I'd wonder where he came from.

Although I'm so grateful that this next bit is not about my own child, it totally made me laugh. When I dropped the boys off at school on Wednesday, two of the boys were having some sort of disagreement. As I was walking towards the door to leave, I hear one of the boys exasperatedly ask the other, "What the FUCK?!?" About half way through my hushed inquiry as to whether or not he just said what I think he said, I saw the wide-eyed looks of shock on the teachers' faces and immediately knew he did indeed just say what I thought he said. At least he used it in proper context;>

And, just for an extra bit of "awww" and because I need to document these types of precious thoughts, J has declared that he wants to be a daddy when he grows up. He says it so sweetly and sincerely that I get teary-eyed. As long as he doesn't make me a grandma in 10 years...

Monday, December 03, 2007

They've managed to keep Santa on their good side...

twin boys picture with SantaMy mom and I took the boys to see Santa yesterday. This is actually their first year doing the Santa visit, so I wasn't quite sure how they'd handle it or if they'd understand what they were supposed to do. I guess we did some decent prep work on them because they did great, and I do mean great. They sat right down in the sleigh next to Santa and happily told him they'd been good boys and what they wanted (thankfully, that hasn't changed from what they've been asking for all along). Then, they put on the charm for the pictures; the handful of people behind us kept ahhing and oohing and saying how precious they were;> The elf-lady took seven pictures of them, all of which turned out terrific. We had a hard time figuring out which few to get and in which package and ended up just buying the CD with all of them that included the copyright release, so now I can do whatever I want with them.

Of course, while I'm thrilled that this experience went so well, all the shopping (walking, standing, walking, standing...) we did brought on a miserable, all-day backache for me today. I've really been starting to rethink the wiseness of switching to flats while pregnant. Every time I've spent more than an hour or so on them, I end up with a pain in my lower back, although until this time it's always come the same night and been gone by morning and not been as achy. I guess that as this belly gets bigger, the aches that come will get worse, though. Oh well, I've got some less flat shoes in the mail to me now.