Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nothing new...

I'm tired (oh so very tired) and haven't had optimum brain functioning for a few days now. So, I'm doing fine and going to bed;>

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Official pregnant task #1 accomplished...

definitely pregnant
I went to my general practioner today to get the pregnancy confirmed and a referral for an obstetrician. While there, they checked my pee and stole some blood. First sigh of relief can be expressed. Urine was normal; blood test confirmed pregnancy and came back with good numbers.

I feel a little more pregnant today than I did yesterday. I was terribly uncomfortable in my pants today, so much so that I sat around my office most of the afternoon with them unbuttoned and unzipped. I'm also starting to get the icky attitude about food, you know, where I'm kind of hungry but the thought of eating something doesn't really seem like a good idea. I expect those feelings to get stronger and more frequent in the coming weeks, probably hitting a peak around the time we fly to Chicago in mid-August for our second wedding party. Oh, I'm gonna be an awesome travel companion! Poor NS. Me with my early pregnancy glamour and then the two 3.5 year-old boys. Doesn't it sound like the funnest plane ride ever?

Now, I'm just waiting for my referral letter to come in the mail. Upon its arrival, I get to make the "real" appointment, although it does sound like a boring paperwork one according to the woman I talked to this afternoon at their office.

Thanks to everyone for the congrats, the well wishes, the positive thoughts, and the prayers. You know it all made me cry;>

Monday, July 23, 2007

Whoops...change in plans

TWO LINES?!? It's Positive!
Y'all remember that house-buying event I mentioned Friday? Yeah, well, we've had a change of heart.

When NS first brought up the idea of buying a house, I hesitated with my enthusiasm...because I didn't think buying and then selling in less than a year would be worthwhile. Then, he mentioned making the house a rental property once we moved. Okay. I could get excited about that. So, we began a rapid house-hunt since this was a Monday and he would go to sea at the end of that week and, by the way, our lease ends this month. I saw 20 houses in three days and finally decided on one. That was the one we offered on and then got a counter offer and then we placed a final offer, which was rejected. Well, I was pretty impressed with another house in that same neighborhood that was only a few streets over and $20,000 less, and I put the offer on that one. It was accepted, and I signed the contract last Wednesday evening. That's where we stood as of Friday.

Yesterday, NS calls me with some last minute concerns about whether this is really the best thing for us to do. It's a big chunk of cash to risk. What if we can't make the money back by selling it? What if we can't find renters? How will we be able to buy a house in Georgia next year after we move if we don't have either buyers or renters? We traded many text messages last night. It was leaning towards seeing about getting out of the contract.

Well, the thing I hadn't yet mentioned to him because I don't like bringing up such emotional roller-coaster inducing possibilities without some good reason is that I was a bit late. Yeah, that kind of "late". I decided Friday that I would take a test on Monday, which would have put me at 5-7 days late. I fully expected a negative result and to just chalk it up to being one of those freaky no-period months. So, when I was awoken at 2:45 this morning with a call from my bladder, I knew it was time to collect and sample and see what the test would tell. Imagine my half-asleep shock as that second line became more and more visible and clearer and clearer over the course of the longest 60 seconds I've had in a long time.

I must have repeated the phrase, "I'm pregnant. I'm. Preg. Nant," for a solid five minutes before I grabbed the camera. I then had to capture the results with my phone's camera to send a message to NS; I just couldn't wait 6+ hours to say something. I thought getting that out would help me fall back to sleep seeing as I still had at least three good sleeping hours left. Not so much. I stayed awake, though trying my hardest to keep my eyes closed and my mind from wandering, for those three hours. I finally dozed back off around 5:45 and chose to make it a late day to work and sleep until 6:30.

NS didn't get off this morning as early as I'd anticipated, and I began making the anxious phones calls about 45 minutes too soon. When he got the chance to call me, he hadn't even seen the message I'd sent.

One of the emails received last week from NS included a note about us trying to have a baby next year, after he got back from deployment, spring-ish time. I was fully on board with that; in fact, it had been my plan as well, a plan I had the intention of letting him in on when he got back from this trip. So, we had an agreeable, well-timed baby-making plan as of Thursday last week.
***End sidenote***

I simply told him that we wouldn't be able to wait 'til next spring to get pregnant. He understood my implication right away. It was a good surprise, and he's as excited as I am. With this new information, we decided it is definitely not right for us to buy this house. I wouldn't be able to put in any work on renovations, and I don't know about y'all, but purposefully creating a situation where we'll be having a baby, moving, and trying to sell/rent a house while buying another house in another state does not sound like something I'm up for. I prefer keeping stresses to a minimum and not compounding them all into one month. When our realtor gets back from vacation on Wednesday, I'll go in to cancel the contract.

That's our total change of plans that came about in a matter of 24 hours. No house; new baby.

For anyone who's curious, going by my last period, I should be 5 weeks today with an estimated due date of March 24th.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Today's my day...

birthday candles
Even though heather's already wished me a happy one, I thought I'd just declare that today is my day; it's my birthday!

Celebration by working, lunch with co-workers, dinner with family, coming home and reading because I refuse to clean on my birthday;>

A not-quite birthday present that was coincedentally a very good birthday present: NS and I put a contract on a house earlier this week. So, that's what I've been up to lately, house-hunting, offering, counter-offering, rejecting, and offering again on another house a few streets away from the first;>

Friday, July 13, 2007

And if the kitchen faucet would just nibble on my boobs...

My house would be much better kept, especially when the vacuum does this.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I think I've been converted...

Mooncup UK
When I ordered my Mooncup UK, I thought I would have to wait to use it. My little clear latex bell arrived well before promised, so I got to put it to use the very next week. I was skeptical at first. I mean, there's an entire forum devoted to these things...would the trouble be be worth it?

My final report? I had absolutely no problems with it. Not with folding, not with inserting, not with removing, not with cleaning, and, most importantly, not with leakage. It wasn't uncomfortable; it wasn't even noticeable. I slept with it, and it wasn't whirling around or draining backwards...not as far as I could tell, anyway. Although it may simply be my body's nature, it never once came even close to being full. I'm truly amazed at the greatness of this tiny cup and can't imagine reverting to my old supply after just a few days of use.

I'm sure that's more than enough information for some of you about menstrual cups, but if anyone wants to know more or ask a question, feel free to click that link to my Blogger profile and send me an email.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Time to start sharing my life again...

Canon PowerShot 850 IS
I've got a lot of topics on an in-my-head list to blog about, but I'll ease back in with some early birthday celebration we've had. NS and I have birthdays this month, five days apart, mine before his. Since he leaves for five weeks at sea tomorrow, he will not be present for either of those days. Well, that can only mean one thing: an early birthday celebration.

Because I didn't want to have him open his present tonight only to have to leave tomorrow, I gave it to him on Tuesday when it arrived. Wii is so much fun. I giggle every single time the players switch sides in the baseball game. I will have to pick up another set of controllers before he gets home so we can box each other;>

Since he got his present that night, he felt it only fair to give me mine. On our way home from North Carolina a couple weekends ago, we stopped for lunch. Before we made our way to the lunch place, he pulled into a shopping center that had a Coach outlet. He had me pick out a purse I liked and bought it for me. I didn't get it then, though. Apparently it was to serve as the wrapping for my already bought birthday present...a new camera! In case y'all are new to reading or have forgotten, I lost a camera coming back from our vacation to Canada at the beginning of this year. I was heartbroken over that loss. I will never be able to enjoy the pictures of my boys in snowgear posing on snowmobiles that I was so excited to have captured. The camera being lost wouldn't have hit me so hard if there hadn't been priceless pictures stored on it. I think that might teach me to remove the memory card for placement in a safer location in the future. Anyway, so I haven't been able to justify a replacement since then. I've snapped a couple shots here and there with the camera on my phone, but we all know that most phone cameras aren't supposed to be your real camera. This new camera is a few steps up from my previous one, and as much as I was infatuated with my former companion, I have even greater feelings for this one. With all the changes expected over the course of the next year, I may just restart the 365 self-portrait challenge.

Oh, and isn't he awesome...he included an 8 GB memory card. I'm sure I'll have fun trying to fill that;>