Friday, November 16, 2007


belt buckleI've always maintained that I like all types of music...except country. My acceptance has gradually grown in the last decade to a certain level of actually embracing this once forbidden-in-my-presence genre.

It began when my best friend gave up on her hatred and went in quite the opposite direction, like 5 out of 6 presets on her radio became country stations. So, whenever I rode with her in her car, I had to build a tolerance for this music that I used to feel hurt my ears, as in physically caused pain in my ears...I really thought they might bleed.

Then, I went with her a few times to go line-dancing. This changed my mind about country music from "tolerable during a car ride around town" to thinking it was fun. I love me some line-dancing;> But, still, I only had a desire to hear the stuff if there was line-dancing involved, and so the slow, serious songs still made me want to retreat into a quiet corner of my mind.

Next, there was my introduction to iTunes and its free weekly downloads, which at one time included a song by a chic named Ashley Monroe called Satisfied. No line-dancing routine for this song, no silly bubba talk, yet I liked this song and added it to the library. One song does not make me a fan, though.

Well, it seems NS got on a country music kick while at sea last month. One day, the day we found out Baby Woo-Woo was indeed a boy, he blasted nothing but country music, save for maybe one song, through the living room, so he could hear it while doing some work outside. I guess the hours of exposure to songs that made me laugh, made me smile, and made me sway my hips converted me over to the other side, to the side of someone who could no longer claim any sort of contempt for country music.

I found myself this afternoon getting some new music to put on my iPod. One of the songs on one of the lists was by Carrie Underwood. That's when I found it, the song I've been playing for about an hour now...Before He Cheats.

I certainly don't like all country music, but I don't like all of any other genre, either. I am definitely drawn to strong voices, like Carrie Underwood's and Josh Turner's. I'm also quickly gaining a fondness for Miranda Lambert's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Anyone got good suggestions to further my transformation into a cowgirl? ;>


Eric said...

My wife was the same way. She couldn't stand country music and now it's practically all she listens to. Country is a pretty wide-ranging genre, though. It runs the gamut from Martina McBride for more ballad-y stuff to Montgomery Gentry for a more southern rock-y flavor. Some of the less twangy artists I like are:

- Sugarland (try "Down In Mississippi and Up to No Good" and "Just Might (Make Me Believe)")
- Brad Paisley (try "We Danced" and "Online")
- Charlie Robison (try "My Hometown")
- Garth Brooks (almost anything)
- Gary Allan
- Jo Dee Messina (try "Bye Bye" and "Heads Carolina, Tails California")
- Los Lonely Boys (a little latin flavor. Try "Senorita" and "More Than Love")
- Rascal Flatts (almost anything, but try "I'm Movin' On")
- Sara Evans (almost anything)
- SHeDaisy
- Taylor Swift (try "Teardrops on my Guitar")

But for strong voices you cannot beat Martina McBride. She has the best voice in country music, period. I always get a little choked up by "In My Daughter's Eyes".

Eunice said...

Definitely some Kenny Chesney and I love me some Brad Paisley. I'm also diggin' Taylor Swift too.

I made the transformation last winter after borrowing Alissa's dad's car to move. Now it's almost all I listen to.

Jonathan said...

I have all kinds of stuff in my music collection (much to my other half's amusement)

Keith Urban
Taylor Swift
Brooks & Dunn
Rascal Flats

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

I got Brad Paisley's Online last night, too, and put a few more of his songs on my wish list.

Most of the Sugarland stuff didn't do it for me, but I did revisit today and found one song I definitely want.

Really loving the Jo Dee Messina and Keith Urban suggestions, and I've got a lot of the others now on my list as well.