Monday, November 26, 2007

Pardon me...

I read this forgiving meme last week and decided I just could not resist a chance to forgive myself a few things.

1. I forgive myself for not completing my college degree in favor of living life at the moment. It is still on my list of things to do before I die, though.
2. I forgive myself for feeling temporarily lost and out of sorts when NS is away.
3. I forgive myself for sometimes being a mean mom. My kids are better behaved for it, and they really do love me so much that I know I must not be as awful as being mean feels.
4. I forgive myself for having to work full-time and relying on others to help raise my children.
5. I forgive myself for being a lazy (and crazy;>) pregnant lady. I just hope everyone who has to put up with me does, too.
6. I forgive myself for being hesitant to believe this baby will really be born next year. I know I'm not alone in this fear, which helps.
7. I forgive myself for eating what I can when I can and choosing not to stress over the weight I gain during pregnancy.
8. I forgive myself for planning to move away from my mom. She is the only reason it will be hard to adjust to a move so far from where we are now.
9. I forgive myself for continuing to keep the secrets about my dad from my mother. What happened then is in the past and would do nothing but cause unnecessary pain and/or guilt for her if it were brought into the present.
10. I forgive myself for letting a mouse continue to share our home. Considering I have no clue where he's coming from, it would probably prove difficult to catch him. I also doubt that I would be able to keep others from coming in even if I could get rid of this one. He's been warned to stick to the bag of chips he's already found and to not bring any friends or family in with him. As long as he keeps to himself, meaning that he stays in his little corner of the pantry with the tortilla chips and doesn't start traipsing across the countertops or leaving messes for me to clean up, then we can live in harmony.


Eunice said...

That's pretty awesome. Those are some great things to relieve from your conscience!

fringes said...

Wow. I really like this idea. I hope you felt better after writing it.