Saturday, November 17, 2007

Living by the light of electronics...

light bulbYou know what happens when your husband is gone? Your car battery dies while you have no clue where the cables to jumpstart it are*, and one by one, all the light bulbs burn out.

Since we moved here a couple months ago, we have had a growing issue with light bulb retention. The few that had quit already (both in the kitchen and the one in the downstairs hallway) were replaced by NS before he left. Of course, that wouldn't prevent more from becoming useless after he left. Something tells me that climbing on a ladder to change lightbulbs on my ceilings and at the top of the staircase or outside in the grass is not really a chore I should take on in my current state of gestation. The problem is I fear I may become quite dependent on the glow emitted from our various electronics in the coming months.

As it stands now, the dining room (which happens to also supply light to the living room in the evening...dinner should prove to be an interesting experience now), the top of the staircase, and the front stoop are darkened. I'm crossing my fingers that the boys' toy room and the bathrooms can maintain their artificial glow until February since they're not really lamp-friendly.

I guess now's a good time to be grateful for my lack of enthusiasm for anything other than natural light;>

* AAA is awesome, by the way. They promptly attended to my jumpstart needs and even told me they had a service to come to me and replace my battery if I needed them to.


Jonathan said...

I guess it's the things you don't think of that come back to bite you. You could replace the bulbs with the low energy ones - they last many, many times longer.

fringes said...

Love Triple-A!

FENICLE said...

We just tried the new long lasting energy bulbs and love them. They cost more but last longer.