Friday, November 23, 2007

It's not nice to judge...

Jesus H Christ driver's licenseThanks to red for reminding me of my rant on this topic during a conversation with NS several weeks ago and giving me another post for NaBloPoMo;>

Whose bright idea was it to create arbitrary rules about asking for ID when purchasing alcohol or tobacco to include some random older age?

Just to be clear, I'm referring to those signs that say something like, "If you appear under the age of 27, we ask for identification for tobacco purchases." That would be age 30 for alcohol. Why? Why would anyone think it's wise to insult people's age? Why put your cashiers in the awkward position of having to judge your customers' appearance like that? Why the 9-year gap between the legal age and the must-appear age? So, although I am 27, if I don't get carded for buying a bottle of wine, I am to assume that I appear to be over 30. Nice. Let me run back and grab a few more bottles then. Thanks for your erroneous assessment of my youth.

Personally, I think the only acceptable policy on asking for identification is to ask for it from everyone every time. The signs could read, "We don't care about the gray hair or the wrinkles that appear to be scaled to Grand Canyon size, we can't know how old someone is without asking for identification. Take it as a compliment, and be prepared with your ID when you bring tobacco or alcohol to the register."

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