Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It may be time to channel my inner cat-person...

John Crane Ltd PINTOY Hungry MouseSee the picture? Just replace that wedge of cheese with a bag of Tostito's Bite Size Gold, and you've got the scene in your mind of what I believe to be happening on my pantry shelves.

I've often thought I'd heard odd rustling noises coming from the vicinity of the kitchen, but they were fleeting and would stop anytime I'd bother to get up and look around. Today, however, the noise was not so subtle and was hard to mistake for anything but the sound of a plastic bag being crumpled. I muted the television, got out of my chair as quietly as possible, and tiptoed into the kitchen, slowly making my way to the area of the pantry shelves. Of course, the room fell silent as I did this. As I was looking around, I spotted the distinct, not in any way slight, movement of the telephone cord on the wall behind the shelves. Thoroughly, but not at all touching anything, I proceeded to examine the area on those shelves. I found no furry bodies nor beady black eyes nor wiry tails; I did, however, spot something suspicious.

There, on the second shelf from the bottom, I spy an odd little hole in the bright blue bag of chips. It's mostly round but has ragged edges, pairs of chomping teeth edges. Out of the hole, the corner of a chip sat. I resolved myself to the near-fact that we are sharing our home with a mouse.

I probably wouldn't have come so quickly to that conclusion had it not been for the fact that one of our neighbors confided in NS about our building's past mice infestation. It seems the final fix may have been only temporary.

After I took a shower and came back down to sit for a few more minutes, the sneak attack on the yellow corn chips resumed. I tried again to catch the little creature poking around on the shelf. I was not successful in this quest, but there was proof of activity. The hole was no longer filled with the corner of a chip; it was empty, with only a view to the inner chips remaining.

Tonight, returning home from my mom's house with the boys, they asked to see the mouse. We went to look at the hole in the bag since I obviously couldn't really show them a mouse upon which I had yet to actually lay eyes. We all remarked on its existence, and they accepted my claim that it was the work of our new occupant. I took note of the now crushed state of chips inside the bag. Since I haven't yet found evidence of a mouse hole to which this thing may be retreating, I am left wondering if he has simply taken up residence inside the bag.


NoRegrets said...

Mice are smart. Good luck!

fringes said...

Writing everyday on the blog has left me no time to comment everyday on other blogs. Glad to catch up and read you're doing well.

Good luck with the mouse!

Dixie said...

We get mice every winter. You'll soon see mousey shit. Get some traps. Pronto. Before they multiply!!