Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'd die without you...

I was going to drone on about how I can't seem to make it through to the end of NaBloPoMo without suffering from the hugs and kisses of my germ-toting offspring, but then I read a post jonniker wrote about the first blogs home pages she read and found herself pulled into these other people's lives strictly by way of the world wide web.

Can I confess something? Of course I can; this is my blog;>

I am struck with a pang of sadness each time I scroll down this page far enough to see mist1's name. It's been two months since there's been a post there, but I'm just not yet ready to give up. Since the hiatus was not formerly announced, I feel my death-grip on optimism and hope is still quite justifiable. I can't delete her link from my sidebar. Since Google Reader entered my world and began providing for nearly all my blog-reading needs, I rarely use my sidebar as a means to check on my fellow bloggers. Even if there's nothing recent there, I can't imagine anyone would be disappointed to have clicked on that link to mist1. My reasons for missing her are admittedly selfish; I just miss the way her posts would make me laugh in the morning like I had some special secret world-uplifting pocket tool with me anytime I was at a computer.

We bloggers love our fellow bloggers. Part of the addiction to blogging is connecting with people you would very likely have never known existed otherwise. Deep down, we know not every blog we enjoy reading will always continue to exist, and we know that sometimes the blogs just can't be as important when they're living their lives, but who of those that we faithfully read would we feel like a tortured victim of a finger-removal if they just stopped blogging (oh, the horror!)? I'll share three of mine.

First, along similar lines of my sorrow over the lack of mist1 in my Google Reader, I can't imagine a blogging world without killer and liz. I need their senses of humor in my life. I need to read posts about balls and gynecology all in one convenient place...don't you? You know you do; don't even think about denying it.

Second, well, it's fringes. Our paths crossed last year during our mutual NaBloPoMo adventures. I can't help but feel a genuine connection with someone like her, someone who will put her all into a post when she feels something needs to be said. I pray for her and her family's happiness; I squeal when she accepts a marriage proposal; I cry when she wonders if people really still give a damn about interracial couples. I feel like I'd be just as willing to make my way to Texas if she was in need as I would to rush to Georgia for my best friend.

Third, speaking of women I'd have an overwhelming desire to lend a hand to because of a virtually-formed friendship, susan's on that list, too. I need to know that she's okay, that she's still alive and surviving life with all its ups and downs. I wish nothing more than for all her dreams to come true someday.

By the way, I'm not suicidally obsessed over any of these bloggers. The title of this post is just fitting enough considering I've been having that song by P.M. Dawn popping into my head at several random moments for the past few days;> And, also, there are way more than three bloggers that I'd have to go through a grieving and mourning process over if/when they stop blogging.


Susan said...

First off: GREAT song. It brings back memories. :)

Second: Awww woooooo. I'd die without you too! :)

fringes said...

What a post. Sniffles. And thanks. I am truly grateful to find people online who are as supportive as we are for each other.

btw, I talked to mist about two days ago. She's doing fine, just as funny as ever. Just off-blog for a while.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

susan - Glad it's not completely one-sided;>

fringes - I just wish I'd given myself more time in the day to write it because there are so many bloggers who mean so much to me. Thanks for the update on mist!

Killer said...

Me and my testes are greatly honored, and in excellent company to boot.

When I typed testes and boot in the same sentence my groin ached a little.