Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Almost as important as the shoes...

I could have just pretended not to have read heather's post, but since I kind of love purses handbags, I really didn't mind accepting the blanket tag for the "What's in your bag?" meme.

Now that I've taken pictures of my remaining stock (I did my charitable part in the last move), I know I still own 24 of these wonderful accessories. Shall we begin?

First, we have the tiny collection, which includes a little silver tote with gray handles adorned with pink sequins, a gold 3-sided zip clutch, a small creamy off-white over-the-shoulder bag, a black velvet top-clasp bag I bought for my senior prom in high school (it went perfectly with my black velvet dress), a sexy black lace clutch, and an awesome casual navy-turquoise-lime-forest-mustard-white canvas bag from Old Navy.


Next in the line are two bags I got from gift sets at Victoria's Secret. One is a pink with tan trim, and the other is a cool black with metallic silver lips emblazoned on the front. Sitting next to these two is a chocolate brown rattan bag with bamboo handles, which is also captured in the next set.


Along with the chocolate rattan is a smallish bronze faux croc bag (I have a pair of shoes to match, too), a black tote with white-seamed ribbons, a white with black trim satchel, a faux croc in chocolate brown with a great silver ring on the flap, and a tan with white trim bag.


Moving down the shelf, there's a magenta faux croc double-handled bag, a perfectly pink bag, and my token red bag with patent red trim and handles.


Finally, at the end of the shelf we find my turquoise faux croc (um, I might have a faux croc addiction), a deep dark purple bag, my white Coach bag that NS bought me for my birthday this year, and my white and tan Kathy Van Zeeland bag with gold chain embellishments.


Oh, but that's not all (if you've counted, you know that's only 21 out of 24); that's just what's on the shelf. The other three have been in recent use so are not on the shelf at the moment.

First, my silver bag. Can't you imagine how well this pairs with gray clothing to remove the dull factor? It also came with it's own metallic silver clutch that fits inside.


My most recent purchase is the navy-hued suede-ish Kathy Van Zeeland. It's lined in pretty pink, y'all (not to mention the faux croc trim); I was in love;>


Finally, we have the bag that's been filled with contents this week, my black Kathy Van Zeeland, who is without a doubt my favorite handbag designer.


Now, for the point of this whole show you what is in these bags:

The phone

Treo 650

A palm tree checkbook and a cheapo pen, which is not at all my favorite pen


Some In the Mix Sugar & Lime fragrance that makes me feel positively edible in a very good way


My chapstick and a lipgloss

lip wear

The wallet (ah, yes, another Kathy item)


And, of course, the car, house, and mail box keys


Well, I hope it was all that you hoped it would be. If you want to participate, then you should!


Heather said...

Love your wallet and checkbook! I've never heard of the designer you love -- I'll have to Google her!

Susan said...

We wear the same lip gloss.

Cagey said...

hee hee.... We have the same phone and apparently, the same make of car! :-)

Will be looking up the handbag designer. I am in the market for a new purse.

NoRegrets said... all I can say. I might post my very few ones...