Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's time, once again, to play "How you find my blog"...

This post seems to be drawing some unintentional attention to this blog. Searches related to pantyhose, stockings, and whores, espcially those also referencing boys, seem to land quite a few visitors here every day.

Take a look (and these are just the top 15 search strings; the top 3 were used by several different people):

pantyhose boys
I've got pantyhose, and I've got boys, but I think y'all were searching for something entirely different.
whores in stockings
Must have been so disappointed.
boys in pantyhose
Why? Must we encourage them to keep this torturous item in use?
pantyhose fighting
To the death? Seems much more humane than cock-fighting or dog-fighting.
sexy white whores
I guess that could be a compliment of sorts, but I would have much preferred "ladies" over "whores".
15 weeks pregnant maternity swimsuit
I loved my maternity swimsuit...loved it!
boy pantyhose
C'mon now, really...why?
boy whores
I've met a few;>
five blessing from higher power
Pretty sure I've got more than five, but I don't count because I don't want to miss one and then have it taken away.
jonathan b. angelone
I know you didn't find this person here, right? Thanks for stopping by, though.
photo of stain in back of pants
What on earth do you need this for? Although, had I not lost my camera on vacation earlier this year, I'd have had one of my banana-stained rear.
veruca towel laundry
The only thing I know about veruca is about the band Veruca Salt named for a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not sure what that's got to do with towels and laundry at all. Maybe you were trying to find information on laundering a towel used with a verruca.
twin meaning tattoos
Mine isn't specifically "twin meaning", but the daisies on the same stem are my representation of twins. Any additions to that tattoo would branch off on a separate stem.
garter belt whores
Is this like crack whores? Like they sell their bodies to buy more garter belts?
garter belts and whores
For some reason, I believe you were looking for pictures. Sorry.

Although none of them showed up in this list, I also regulary receive a few hits from people searching for information on miscarriages after hearing a baby's heartbeat or seeing the baby on an ultrasound. Everytime I see one of those, I just want to cry and reach out to them and somehow let them know that they and their babies will probably be alright. I automatically sense they're searching for reassurance, and I'm saddened that they may not feel that way after reading my posts on those topics.


FENICLE said...

I love to go and read the things people searched for.

Yesterday some one was looking for "collar and leash your husband" - how freaky!!!

I'm having a WORST Father of sorts....come check it out....even if your dad is Father of the Year!

Dagromm said...

I apologize for at least three of those searches that I think led me here recently. I'm ashamed now.

Dixie said...

It's scary the things people are looking for.

heather said...

i haven't figured out how to check on that yet. at least not without paying for it. whick i'm not gonna do. this is supposed to be a free (lamost anyway) hobby for me. god only knows what leads people to my place! lol

fringes said...

dagromm comment funny

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Good Greif! This post is hilarious! Too many people come to my blog after having searched for 'baw bag'...hrmmm think they may be slightly disappointed!

heather said...

uggh, i just figured out how to see what people land at my site. apparently kiddo porn leads to my site! wtf!! google needs a brain!

Skyqueen said...

I have to agree that the maternity swimsuit was kickin!! I'd hold on to that (I hope bathing suits never go out of style, or I'm already in big fashion do-do)

I liked what you wrote at the very end.

Tera said...

What are these searches you all speak of? I have a feeling my blog may come up on quite a few "unintentional" key words!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

tera - I get mine from my StatCounter (there's a button in the Stats section on my sidebar to their site). It's totally free and tracks your blog's last 500 visits (recently upgraded from 100). There's a "keyword analysis" link that shows the search strings used to land on your blog. Feel free to drop me an email if you need more information.

Tera said...