Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This is my plan...

boxing female body
Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wishes. It was a lovely day, me lounging about being mommy to boys who alternated tummy aches. No fights, no stress, just comforting little boys as only mommy can do;> My mom hasn't gotten her gift yet, though, because of that unfortunate turn of events. Turns out she had an ache herself. Maybe it was the turkey the three of them ate on Saturday when I chose the roast beef.

Anyway, this post is about my participation in Sassy Pants's 7-Week Fitness Challenge. I had been doing pretty good at keeping up an every-other-day schedule with my yogalates dvd for a few weeks before the blowout knee injury of a few weeks ago. That put me out of commission for yogalates and the walks at work and the dog-walk after work. The whole thing pretty much pissed me off with its interference of my ability to function as a non-sedentary human being. The frustration of clothes shopping on Saturday (not-so-quick tangent - I'm sorry, but I didn't gain that much weight with Baby Angel's pregnancy, and considering I have many other items of clothing that fit fine in smaller sizes, I am certain that the sizing for most of the Macy's juniors'* department is way out of control, like wedding dress size out of control - end tangent) put me in a more pissed off mood, and combining that with the post on Sunday from Sassy Pants, I became super determined that this weight will come off. And, in the process, I will be healthier.

So, on with the actual plan already:
- 15-minute walk during work hours
- 15-minute dog-walk after work
- Complete 1 workout dvd every weeknight (currently only doing the one yogalates dvd, but I have 2 of them and am expecting a shipment for 3 other workout dvds next Monday...I'm going to be bellydancing, salsaing, and aligning my chakras come next week;>)
- Eat 5 times a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner)
- Have smoothie (fresh fruit, frozen fruit, yogurt) after workout
- No fast food during the work-week
- More fruits and veggies all the time
- No packaged snack foods (chips, cookies, pretzels, etc.) during the week and very limited on the weekend
- Any restaurant meals must be consumed over the course of at least 2 meals
- Read labels on everything and buy as close to all-natural as possible (along these lines, avoid low-fat/low-cal alternatives...stick with small portion of real item)

That's what I'm aiming for with hopes that the results will be a healthier me, weighing about 15 pounds less than I currently do. I'm not necessarily aiming for the 15 pounds by the end of the 7-Week Challenge, but by the middle of August, which amounts to a reasonable 1.25 lbs/week.

In order to keep myself on track, I signed up for a FitDay account. I've made it public, so feel free to keep track of my progress, but keep in mind, I'm not currently holding myself responsible for tracking the weekends. Not saying I won't, but I'm not going to worry too much about those days being they are going to be my no-guilt-allowed days. Thanks to Jan B for making her FitDay journal public and allowing me to see what a wonderful tool it could be.

* Yes, I still shop in the juniors' department; I'm not sure when I'm not supposed to do that anymore, but as far as I can tell, it's still not yet. The denim there is much more my taste, and I was looking for denim shorts. I've also found the non-juniors' department bottoms to still be too high-waisted to be flattering on me, especially with the too-short shirts to go with them.


Dagromm said...

The Juniors Department should always be your goal. That's certainly what I target when I go to the mall or department store. Crap, I think I might have just added something to my FBI file.

heather said...

dags, don't you have girls? .... just asking.

woo, how is your knee doing? back to normal or almost? good on you for the whole healthier lifestyle goals. i'm trying to work out something that will work for all three of us and that won't be easily sabatoged by my husband. he does that all the time without thinking. i mean, what kind of guy brings home a cheesecake for dessert ~knowing full well~ that his wife is trying to lose weight?

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

dagromm - Yeah, it's only a matter of time now before the FBI gathers enough to come after you;>

heather - My knee is about 97% normal. Still twinges when I kneel or get up from that position, but I'm taking it slow, and so far the yogalates isn't bothering it. As it turns out, NS and I are on completely the same page with this. I'm not sure if his determination kicked in when mine did or if he just happened to email me about it the same day I got beyond fed up. I'm glad he's totally on board, as is he that I am, because it will be so much easier for us to be successful with the same goals. Once he gets home, I'll see how militant he's being about it, though. So far, it does sound like he's on a much more fast-track pace than I am. And, cheesecake? MMMMMMM...that is a reason why my weekends are going to be more lenient than the weekdays;>

heather said...

lol, oh gee woo. a member of the military being militant? go figure. ;-)

Dagromm said...

Heather - Yeah, I have one girl but she is only 7. Years old. Not a size 7.

Dixie said...

You can shop in the junior's department? Um, I don't think we can be friends.

fringes said...

Tomorrow is your month-a-versary! Buy yourself something sexy from the juniors' section at Victoria's Secret.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

heather - Cute pun, huh?

dagromm - But, someday she will.

dixie - I try to shop in juniors. Didn't work out so great last time;>

fringes - I'm on it, even though it won't be appreciated for another 5 days;>

Mommy off the Record said...

What dixie said.

Just kiddin' :) Best of luck with this. I got tired just reading about it! But you will be great!

FENICLE said...

I am just starting a new "health plan" - I am not calling it a diet. Good luck!! Update us on your progress.

Skyqueen said...

Good luck with the plan. Last November Marit and I decided that we should get off our butts and do something so we call each other at a determined time (used to be 6:3, but since the time change it's 7) and we go work out. Some days she does a pilaties video and some days we run outside. She has the luxury of the gym. Anyway, my point is whatever you can work in is great and you'll start to feel really good.

We've been going strong since Nov. so let that inspire you (save vacations and being sick) BUT also keep this in mind...Everyday doesn't have to be the BEST workout ever, we all have low days and they are ok, I just look at it as one workout with SOOOO many more to go. I feel really good and I don't really care what the scale says (ok, just a little!)

As for the juniors department.....hmmmm, whatever suits you best. My momma always said "No one looks at the size on the tag, but EVERYONE can see when something doesn't fit"

Words to live by!!

Go get'um tiger!

Jan B said...

Wow, it looks like you are off to a great start. I love the fitday site too.