Wednesday, May 30, 2007


weighing on scale
I haven't posted an update on my Fitness Challenge experiences yet, but then again, I've been rather slack on the updating of most things these days, so maybe no one's too surprised.

To date, 2.5 weeks have put me 2.6 lbs. down from my starting weight. I lost 2 lbs. the first week and 0.4 the next and have dropped another 0.2 as of this morning. While I'd prefer to see the numbers at a steady 1-2 lbs. lost per week, I'm happy that the number is budging at all since it is going in the right direction. Plus, my supposedly-super-advanced-high-tech-smartie-pants scale says I've shed 2% of my body fat, which is fabulous news, meaning that the lack of lbs. lost this week has been due to muscle replacing fat.

In the grand scheme, the number isn't what I'm concerned about; it just provides a historical basis from which I can create a goal, i.e. if the last time I fit into this, I was at this weight, then I should be at that weight to fit into it again. I just want to fit into my entire wardrobe again. I don't want to have to put a skirt back because it's too tight on my waist or the pants back because they're not comfortable around my midsection. I can see some small changes on my body from the loss of 2.6 lbs. that make me happy, and a few items that were too tight a few weeks ago are tolerable now. Most importantly, though, I feel fantastic. I have met my goal to exercise every night after work and have even included one dvd on a weekend day, too. I love my new dance workouts...too much fun! NS was laughing at the one I was doing last night, only partially due to the actual moves, mostly because of the commentary that accompanies, like "be sassy". I can only imagine the chuckle he'd get from the part of the warm-up where we make weird faces and the weird noises that come from the dvd while we make them. I laughed the first time I did it, so I couldn't hold it against anyone else for reacting the same way.

So, let's see how I've been doing:
15-minute walk during work hours?
15-minute dog-walk after work?
GREAT, have also lengthened this during the weekend nights and on a few nights when I didn't get my walk in at work
Complete 1 workout dvd every weeknight?
EXCELLENT, and am having a great time, something I actually look forward to doing every day
Eat 5 times a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner)?
GREAT during the week, FAIR on the weekends
Have smoothie (fresh fruit, frozen fruit, yogurt) after workout?
GREAT, skipped only once last night because I didn't workout until after 10:30 last night
No fast food during the work-week?
GREAT, only broken once for a Chick-Fil-A salad (didn't even nibble on a single fry or nugget the boys left uneaten) the night NS got back from sea
More fruits and veggies all the time?
GOOD, I'm definitely eating a lot more fruit, especially with the smoothies, and am concentrating this week to really incorporate more veggies
No packaged snack foods (chips, cookies, pretzels, etc.) during the week and very limited on the weekend?
GREAT, have only caved in to the call of chips or crackers when I've been too hungry to even open the refrigerator or on Sunday when I was caught in the car without having had a snack before I left to our late-lunch Memorial Day get-together
Any restaurant meals must be consumed over the course of at least 2 meals?
EXCELLENT, ate out with mom and her husband the first week of the challenge and saved half of my steak, baked potato, and corn to have the next day; had sushi with NS on Saturday and left more than enough to have the next day had it not made me feel so sick that I told him to take it all with him to work;>
Read labels on everything and buy as close to all-natural as possible (along these lines, avoid low-fat/low-cal alternatives...stick with small portion of real item)?
GOOD, have been using real butter instead of my Smart Balance Light substitute, full-fat dressing but not enough to skyrocket my calories for the day, and I've always been a full-fat cheese kind of girl but have gotten better at cutting a small portion so I can have all the goodness without any of the guilt

One thing that wasn't on the list for my plan that I've inadvertently been doing is really cutting back on my sweet indulgences. I used to have something chocolate every day. Every. Day. Not only have I not had much in the way of refined sweet stuff (twice a week to date but unlikely to always be even that frequent), I don't really crave it. I haven't had any sweet tea since I began this challenge, not even on the weekends, and I'd say that used to be close to an every other day beverage of choice for me. Considering sweet tea has often ranked as #1 favorite non-alcoholic drink for me (having now been tied for that spot with Trader Joe's pomegranate white tea), I'm amazed at this revelation.

I'm also amazed at how I haven't felt that I've had to deprive myself of anything. It took no time to stop craving stuff that I thought I'd never be able to do without, like tortilla chips or chocolate or sweet tea, and I don't feel at all bad about sharing a dessert or fries with a few other people on the weekends, and those now insignificant treats haven't ruined anything. I can picture this as being my permanent lifestyle, carefully planned foods during the week with carefree yet not over-indulgent weekends, which is something I see as being very crucial to my success in getting what I want from this and keeping it.


Dagromm said...

Good job!!! It's amazing how once you get going on something like this, it becomes much easier to sustain it. Keep up the good work, and I hope you win.

Skyqueen said...

Good job, sounds like it will work out well for you. It's all about finding what works for your lifestyle. YAY YOU!!

Victoria said...

wow, good for you!

Sassy Pants said...


I tell you what, hearing your progress keeps me working on MY goals.

Way to go!

FENICLE said...

You are doing awesome!!! I've been trying to be "healthier" since you inspired me. More walking, less fast-food & junk.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Thanks for the encouragement, y'all! It just gets easier every day.