Sunday, April 29, 2007

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blogger interview notes
I'm sure most of y'all who read other blogs have seen the "interview meme" that's been going around, the one where the blogger has been interviewed by another blogger and must then offer to interview other bloggers after answering the interview questions. While I've thought it'd be fun to have some other bloggers ask me questions, I couldn't commit to asking other bloggers questions. I envision some obscure scenario where bloggers that never comment here will come out of the woodwork asking to be interviewed by me. And, then I think, "What if I've never read their blog?" Now I'm obligated to search through someone's archives when it seems lately I can barely keep abreast of the new posts on blogs I already read. That unlikely and unfounded fear has kept me from participating in this meme. (Me not participate in a meme? What? I know.) That is until my favorite Texan, Fringes, put a twist to it. Rather than her asking questions of us and expecting us to pass along the interview option to others, she's paired up those of us amongst her readership who want to interview with those who would like to be interviewed, no further strings attached. So, I elected to be an interviewee and was asked the following from Dagromm:

How tall are you?
I sprouted to 5'3" by the age of 10. My growth was stunted there for years. Some physical fitness program in highschool, I believe it was my sophomore year, involved recording numerous measurements and readings, one of which included height. They declared me to be 5'4". I was so excited to have grown an inch over the previous 5 years. This was also the year that I began wearing heels regularly (because even 5'4" isn't tall enough to wear pants designed for women that are 6 feet tall), so there was never a question as to whether or not I was 5'4"...until my height was checked at the doctor's office last November. Still 5'3" after all these years. I'm pretty certain my growing is done, too. I might get shorter, but it'll only be heels that make me taller.

What is in your car that probably shouldn't be?
A huge red bag filled with maternity clothes. I loaned a co-worker a ton of my maternity clothes after Baby Angel's delivery since I obviously wouldn't need them and she was just starting to need them. Since she delivered her son in January, she's returned my clothes and added some of hers as well. I'm hoping not to need them for another year, so they've sat in my car since I can't really figure out what to do with them in the meantime.

Why did you start blogging and why do you continue?
I'm going to cop-out a bit since I've actually written about both of these before. For those that haven't read them: why I started a blog and why I keep it up

Who do you talk to in the real world about your blog life?
Every once in a great while, I will talk to my bestest friend about something to do with blogging. She gets the privilege since she was the person that drew me into blogging. Also, NS gets the "I read about this/that on someone's blog" stuff. Other than those two, my real life people are on the "don't ask, don't tell" plan; most of them don't even know there is a blog (one friend that knows no longer reads or blogs), and some may not even be sure about what a blog is.

How do you tell when it's time to throw a pair of underwear away?
When I'm trying to make room in the drawer and realize I no longer have clothing or a bra that matches them.

Who do you think it would be cool to meet, but would be too intimidated to talk to in the real world and in the blog world?
I'm intimidated by bloggers that receive nearly a 100 (and often over 100) comments for each post, and I'm uncomfortable commenting on such a blog even though I enjoy her posts immensely because I feel there is nothing left for me to contribute. So, although I think we'd have a ton of fun shoe shopping together, I would be afraid the cool Mist1 might have better shoes and doubt I could ever muster the courage to find out.

What blog post have you written that you are most proud of?
I'm just going to pretend that you forgot to pluralize "post"...

Ones where it became clear that I was going to become a divorcee -
The end is near and Taking the plunge

A post that I had to dig into my memory banks to write and liked the final result -
3 Coins

An understanding of why an event in my life was so significant that I never understood until I decided to write a post about it -
When my world was still untainted

I spent hours reading every single comment on an article, taking notes at the same time, to properly express my opinion about mothers drinking during playdates -
I'm only a couple months late with this

If you tragically died in the next ten years, what would you want your best friend to dispose of for you before your parents or kids could find it?
I can't think of anything I have that is too weird for my parents or kids to know about. I'm dead, what the hell do I care what they find in my nightstand?

If you could go back in time and meet any person from history, then how exactly would you accomplish that?
Um, time machine?

What is too big?
Something that doesn't fit.

Now that your married does that mean that you are going to stop taking pictures of yourself in the dressing room? If so I'm against your marriage.
If the picture deserves to be taken, then I'll be happy to take it, wherever that may be. Are you offering me a new camera??

What is the one prejudice that you're most ashamed of?
I have very negative prejudices against smokers. I lose some amount of respect for anyone once I find out they smoke. I cannot understand why any reasonably-minded person would smoke. I have particularly foul thoughts regarding those who smoke in the presence of children, especially their own. I know the extent of my judgements of smokers is sometimes overly harsh, and that is what I'm ashamed of. I'm not so out there that I can't be friends with a smoker, but I would like them at least a little bit more if they chose to quit.

What have you accomplished that you never would have thought yourself capable of?
I fell in love again, even when I didn't intend to.

Don't you think my blog kicks ass?
I like the colors, and those black swirlies at the top are definitely kick ass.

Why am I not in your side bar?
Why am I not in yours? Don't give me any lame excuse of not having anyone on your sidebar.

Are you going to put me in your side bar?
I'm a momma of two boys that are told to say "please" when they ask for something, so I'm not inclined to add you without use of the "magic word". Honestly, I add to my sidebar after at least a month of enjoyable reading through Google Reader, so we'll see how that works out for you since I just managed to click over to you last week when Fringes posted the interview list (smiling sweetly and batting eyelashes, hoping you're not suffering from low self-esteem).

If you could only have one blog in your side bar besides mine which one would it be?
Easy, k8...because she doesn't have an rss feed available for me to use in Google Reader;>

What was the best blog post that you've ever read of mine?
Being a new reader and all, I'll go with the post a couple weeks ago about stuff that bugs you. I have a personalized plate that most people misread because they think I'm obnoxiously using a 1 as an i or am being more than liberal with spelling. And, I'm happy to read that I'm not the only one who is intimidated by roundabouts.


Tera said...

Great answers!!! And about smokers...I concur! Nothing burns me up more that to be at a red light and look over and someone is smoking with 3 kids in the car (one of which is an infant) and the windows are UP!!! Argh!!!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

tera - Glad you liked them. I'm thankful not to have been asked about eating insect larvae as if it was something I should have done;>

fringes said...

You and Dagromm read as though you've been longtime friends. I loved it.

mist1 said...

You know, when people meet me they always tell me that I'm much more approachable than they thought I was going to be. They also usually say something about my shoes.

Dagromm said...

Thanks for playing along. I was just kidding about the self centered questions about my blog (sort of). Truthfully, I don't have anyone in my sidebar because I've changed my template too many times and 1)Got tired of putting them in there and 2)Don't remember how to anymore. It's actually become a big pain so I'll probably have to rectify it.
Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. I hope you enjoyed them.

Edgy Mama said...

Nice interview, although Dag should be penalized for NOT following directions. Fringes said "five questions"!

Susan said...

I was very amused. These were great!!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

fringes - This was fun. I think we were well-matched, even if it was random;>

mist1 - Georgia, right? That is where my bestest friend lives, so maybe when I finally get down there to visit her, we should meet up and compare shoes.

dagromm - I did enjoy the questions, which is why I chose to answer them all. And, I was just joking about the sidebar. If I ever take the plunge to leave blogger for my own space, my list will have it's own home separate from the sidebar.

edgy mama - In fairness, he clearly gave me the option to choose just five to answer, but I saw the others as a challenge and had to answer them all.

susan - Happy to know we have brought some amusement to your morning;>

heather said...

i knew you and dags would be a good match! these were great questions and answers.

oh and btw, it's been 18 days since my last cig, how do you like me now? ;-)

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

heather - Liked you as a smoker and feel you're doing a great thing for yourself and cheeks and definitely like you more than ever now;>

mist1 said...

I'm in GA. I'll meet you at any shoe store or hotel bar.

Jonathan said...

Excellent post - really enjoyed reading your answers - smiled a little more than I perhaps should at some of your answers :)

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