Friday, March 09, 2007

Music uncovered...

I've often wondered how unsigned artists get their music heard and made available to the public. It seems the amount of dedication these artists must have to even break into such a competitive and fickle industry would be staggering and exhausting...and life-consuming. I can't tell you the last time I heard a radio station promoting an appearance by a local artist in my area; I don't think I ever have, to tell the truth. Oh, they talk about those people that came from here and are now signed to a huge record label...but what about those artists that don't have the record label's checkbook backing them? How do they do it?

I still don't know, but I have found a website that looks like a great way to find out about unsigned artists locally, nationally, and even internationally. I'd never before heard of trip-hop as a music genre, but after listening to a few samples from their registered trip-hop artists, I now understand it is like a mix of dance/electronica/hip-hop. Using the advanced search feature to find artists in my current favorite hip-hop, emo, and alternative genres in VA, I have now been introduced to some artists that I think are incredibly talented, ones I am disappointed not to be able to hear everyday on the radio.

Radio play may not be too much of a problem, though, since some of the features is working to implement include the ability to create playlists with the artists' music and even an opportunity to produce your own compilation CDs. Can you imagine being paid to produce your own mix tapes? That is just awesome;>

If I had any musical talent whatsoever, I would rush to create a profile there, and as a listener, I am excited to have found a way to discover the music I've been missing out on. I can't wait for that playlist option to be available!

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Bice said...

It's a brutal way to eek out a living but passion is a funny thing. It'll drive you when your mind says quit.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

And I am in awe of that passion and drive;>

Jonathan said...

There's an even better website that doesn't require sponsored posts... Amie Street.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

jonathan - doesn't require sponsored posts. They're just starting out and trying to circulate the word. Was it not for PayPerPost, I doubt I would have ever found the site on my own.

Amie Street is great for buying the music right now (that feature is still in the making at, but there isn't any way for me to learn about the unsigned, independent artists in my local least not as far as I could tell in the 15 minutes I spent there, and I found that I could in less than a couple minutes on Unsigned.

I can just imagine someone opening a new restaurant or bar and wanting to find some local talent to offer live entertainment, and I think would be a great place to look for something like that, able to find local artists and listen to their music before ever considering booking them. Also, why I liked the site is that I can find out who my local artists are and then find out where they're playing after being able to listen to samples of their music. I think Amie Street and Unsigned are different sites, neither one better than the other.