Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lesson for children: behave...get stuff you didn't even know you wanted

The power well-behaved boys have to weaken my will is amazing. I suggested to my friend, A, that we go to the Disney store to kill the time before Missalove arrived with her husband and baby girl. I thought we'd wander the store and maybe pick up one little toy for each of the boys if something looked like irresistable fun. I didn't count on racking up nearly $100 worth of treasure before we could get five feet inside the store entrance.

I really have to accept full blame. They were sitting still and calm in their stroller, not trying to grab stuff, not even asking to grab stuff. I saw the Nemo swimshorts. I asked J if he would like to have them. Well, of course he did. The curtains had now been lifted, and all the Disney store goodness became visible. The Nemo bubble-blowing set that was on a shelf above the swimshorts grabbed his attention. He simply had to have this. I'd thought it was cute when I first saw it, too, but when I saw the price, I didn't really like it that much, but now, now that my sweet boy's face was pleading for it (without his voice whining or screaming for it), I couldn't help but least I can hide it until Easter time. Next thing I know, M is at the rack of Cars stuff and is pulling out a shirt (4 sizes too big), swimshorts, sandals, basically everything he found in that little section. I grabbed the right size of swimshorts and the sandals. J also wanted sandals, so I grabbed another pair of those. As I distracted M with the Cars bubble-blowing set (it was only fair he have one, too), I placed the oversized shirt back the rack.

None of this was too ridiculous, in my opinion. They would need the swimshorts and sandals, so they might as well get ones they'll have fun wearing, and the bubble things, well, like I said, I can keep those hidden until Easter, and now I'll only need to get candy for the eggs in their baskets. We (or more like I) don't see anything else of great interest and head to the back of the store to pay. That's when I spot the tiny lights spinning in a circle.

"Oh, how cool! And, look, there's Nemo!!" Did I really just say that?!?

Yep, totally my fault again. We went through every last one of those Nemo twirling light gadgets before finding one with juicy batteries. Then, I had to find one for M. They just happened to have a few Cars ones, and even one of those that still had enough life left to make full gloriously lit circles. How lucky can we be? At least those kept them entertained while we stood outside the store chatting and while waiting for dinner and during the car ride home;>


BeckyD said...

Be thankful your boys only cost you $100. My 'boy' (Batman) when he asks nicely and smiles at me, and hugs and kisses me, gets his XM stereo installed in his new car ($300) front row tickets to the Supercross Motocross last night ($100) (With his son, without me I might add) and a twill racing jacket of his favorite NASCAR driver ($100).

It's no lie when they say The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

You're right...NS got a $600 snowboard for Christmas;>

FENICLE said...

I agree with Becky...boys & their toys can get expensive. Although our son is only 4.5 and hasn't really gotten into the $$$ toys yet like video games, husband is paving his way their. He doesn't like to shop or anything like that, but you should see his tools & gadgets!!!!!

And I could spend so much money in a Disney store! They are dangerous!

fringes said...

Stay away from the Disney store. Use eBay for Disney merchandise.

I am now saving up to buy a five-year-old a $400 xbox 360 for his sixth birthday. The madness never ends.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

fenicle - My boys got Leapsters for their birthday, so they're already becoming familiar with video know sitting in the dark with nothing but the light from the game, totally in a trance. The first night that happened was scary, so we no longer go to bed with our Leapsters;>

fringes - I've got a couple of places I get Disney stuff from online, but there is just something about shopping for stuff with a Disney classic movie playing in the background and the bright, cheery colors surrounding you. Unfortunately, it's been years since I've been able to go into one for the ambience without buying something, so my trips are limited to once or twice a year;>

Chebbles' Mama said...

PS: Chebbles loves the fish on your boy's T-shirt!!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

chebbles' mama - The shirt says, "I'm a keeper," right below that. I loved it! M has a shirt with a monkey on it that says, "Obey the Monkey!" Those were stuffed into their Christmas stockings;>

Jonathan said...

I can understand how you spent the money - I am the worlds worst for giving things to other people.