Friday, March 16, 2007

Just some suggestions...

Every couple months or so, knowing that I'll be moving in the next year, I check out the houses available in the potential areas. I did this today. A few observations:

- I don't understand why a realtor (because most of the listings on are for houses being sold via realtors) would put up a listing without one single picture. I'm not inclined to traipse all around several neighboring towns to look at each and every house that might fit my needs. Getting just a glimpse of what to expect with a photo in the listing is all I ask.

- Along the same lines of no pictures, I find it incredulous to have a "showcase" listing that has no pictures. What exactly am I being shown? Reading all the fabulous details of your home do nothing for me if I can't see that you haven't chosen orange and red cabinets with gray marble counters in your recent kitchen remodel or painted the brick exterior a lively lime green.

- I don't know if your realtor's commission is lessened by only requesting one picture of your home, but the more pictures there are, the better my opinion of the home is, so I think it's probably worth asking for more. I didn't pay a hefty commission when I sold my home, and I had 5-6 pictures posted with my listing.

- If you're only getting one picture, please use the one of the front of the house. Having the only picture of the property displaying the side or back is disconcerting for me. My mind speculates...Is that really the best view? That isn't fantastic, so what the hell does the front look like? Chances are, I won't bother to find out.

- Again with the only one picture available, could you try to make your home the focal point of the picture? Seeing a picture of the house as if I was standing across the street, where trees are the now the main focus, does not make me want to rush out and see your home for all its glorious land. It makes me think your home is not the best selling point.

- Last issue with the solitary photo is that your one and only pictoral representation of this (supposedly) valuable asset should not be blurry or taken at what must have been night because it is so dark.

- There is a specific category for manufactured/mobile homes on, so I don't understand why you are trying to trick me into thinking it is a single-family home. Maybe because your selling the land with it? Still doesn't mean it qualifies. I have lived in one of those types of homes and visited several others; they are not what I'm looking for, even if your selling the 6.19 acres with it (only because I'm not planning to build Dreamhome there). I tried to eliminate manufactured/mobile homes from my search, but there you all were, deceiving me (although not really since I knew even before I saw the "style" you chose). Why not just list it as land and advertise that the home is included with purchase? Now that might sound like a bargain. If I was looking for land on which to build Dreamhome, then I would find it very attractive to know I would have a place to live and store belongings during construction.

- Finally, I'm afraid I don't quite know what a 1/4 bathroom is. Full bath is a sink, toilet, and tub/shower/both. Sometimes what I'd consider a full bath will be described as 3/4 if there is no tub. Half-bath is a sink and toilet. What is this 1/4 bath you have? Just a sink? Just a toilet? I'm thinking it may be the "just a sink" theory, perhaps with a mirror, like a powder room. My modest search attempts turned up nothing.


Chebbles' Mama said...

That is so funny -- Hub-D complains about the precise same thing about those realtor ads. THe pictures that they DO have are so crappy sometimes, with the shadow of the photographer in them or whatever. Earn your commission, folks!

heather said...

j and i have been researching homes in our area too. we want to purchase our first home but what we've had a problem with (besides the crappy pictures) is that much of the surrounding area has sulfer water and no one will come right out and admit it. instead we've wasted countless hours just to see places we would never purchase! we even had 1 guy tell us that the town was going to be running water lines this summer. funny that the town in question doesn't know anything about that. :-(

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

chebbles' mama - Sadly, I doubt the sellers are even paying less commission for those shotty marketing jobs.

heather - That is downright shameful for someone to say the town is doing something they aren't...that sucks.

briliantdonkey said...

1/4 bath= a really really small tub that you can only wash one piece of your anatomy in at a time? One leg then one arm then the others? It is for all intents and purposes a BUCKET on the floor. The overlooked GOOD news with this is after using such for a while you will be the MASTER of doing the hokey pokey next time you go to a wedding reception. Glass half empty? or glass half full?


Jonathan said...

More and more people in the UK are selling their own houses and avoiding the realtor (estate agent in the UK) completely.

All you have to do is put your solicitor in touch with their solicitor, and it all happens just the same.

Ah - in the US, I mean lawyer :)

FENICLE said...

How true that is! We are wanting to move in our town to a larger house in next spring & I check out all the time because I like that I can narrow my search (like by zip code & how many bedrooms we want). But it is deceiving!

When we do go to sell our house I'm all about pictures!! It can save you time in looking at a house - for example, I want to know if the bedroom is missing a ceiling! Ya know? And I didn't even know there was such a thing as a 1/4 bath!?!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

bd - Thank you for that insightful explanation...helps rule out some places, then;>

jonathan - Interesting solution. How do the solicitors get paid? Is it based on a percentage of the sale?

fenicle - I really don't think there is such a thing as a 1/4 bath. Wikipedia didn't acknowledge it, so I will assume they've made up that fancy category for a bucket on the floor, like bd said;>

Anonymous said...

1/4 bath is just a toilet. hope this helps
ivy's mom

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Thank you, Ivy's mom! I might have to make my first entry on wikipedia now;>