Friday, March 23, 2007

Definitions of age...

I've been told more than a handful of times that I don't look like I'm in my mid-twenties, more like 22 or 23. I accept it as a compliment and then prance around as though my aging has finally reversed itself, much like my mother's seems to have done.

In the past, I've always been perceived to be older than I am. When shopping for my 8th grade graduation dress (age 13), the sales lady assumed the graduation dress was for a high school graduation. To clarify, I've had boobs since I was 7, been the same height - 5'3" - since I was 10; my weight has increased, my features are (I assume) more mature, and my hair has been different lengths and colors and, now, textures...but really, not a tremendous amount of change since then, so I could always understand people's misperceptions. I feel bad for my 10 year-old self because she always thought she was fat when, in reality, her body was just being an over-achiever, getting her so far ahead of the physical maturity game that none of the other girls resembled anything like her for several years. Hell, for what she had going on with the boobs and hips and thighs, she was probably underweight. Anyway...

From what I've been able to tell in the one picture I've seen of my mom as a teenager (she's hated having her picture taken forever, I guess), she also looked older when she was younger. The picture was captured when she was 15, but the first time I saw it, I could have sworn it was taken when she was 20. Now, most people think she's my sister, no chance she could be my mother, or think she's the mother of my boys, impossible for her to be their grandmother. When we went to lunch last weekend, the waitress was going on and on about how gorgeous the boys are and asking about whether I'd considered getting them involved with modeling. Only, she wasn't talking to me; she was talking to my mother, who was sitting across the table from me.

Can anyone blame me for wishing that good fortune is simply part of my genetics? That somehow the aging reverses itself from looking older to looking younger...I wonder if there was some magical year that she actually looked her age.

I'm not so sure that's what's happening for me, though. Truthfully, I still think I look older than my age. Seriously, what is so different about one's appearance at 26 versus 23? Being the poor, poor judge of age that I am, I wouldn't say there is anything noticeably different between these ages. Would you? Maybe I just don't know what defines age.


Eunice said...

It's okay to love the genetics. As disturbing as it is that my dad has been mistaken for my boyfriend/husband/father of my child on more than one occasion, I do love that it means that I will still look 16 when I'm 40, since I've looked 16 since about 21... :)

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