Tuesday, March 27, 2007

At least I can try to prepare for the worst...

bleak - Not hopeful or encouraging; depressing

That is the adjective NS used to describe the schedule for his boat, the one he'll talk to me about when he gets back. This isn't very much information. Bleak for who? Bleak for the boat itself doesn't have to mean bleak for us, but it could be both. It could also just be bleak for us, meaning that he'll be gone a lot, but I don't know how that's possible. As it was he's only supposed to be back for 3 weeks and then out for another 8 or 9. Maybe it's the schedule coming after that. I wonder if it's bleak enough to be affecting our move, which has already been delayed until next March. I don't know, but bleak is obviously not a cause for happy thoughts and celebration. Or, maybe he was just being sarcastic...I doubt it.

On a somewhat related note, email is great and all, but when it is the only way you can communicate with someone, and it takes days to go back and forth, sometimes not even arriving, it compels me to furiously refresh Yahoo! over and over and over and kind of makes me anxiously spastic and preoccupied. Guess it's still something to be thankful for since without it, I'd have nothing but silence for as long as he's gone.

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