Friday, February 23, 2007

Sorry about all the hair talk...

Really, I am, but I haven't liked my hair in months.

Woo's former hair styling ritual, which hasn't been done since October 31st, went like this:

1. Shower. (est. time=20 minutes)
2. Wrap hair in towel while post-shower pampering is completed. (realistically, embarrassingly so, this takes another 15-20 minutes)
3. Apply color-preserving creme (newly found far, so good) and leave-in conditioner, and comb hair. (2 minutes)
4. Break out the blow-dryer, mousse, and big round brush (30 seconds)
5. Plug in dryer and proceed to get nearly all moisture out of hair on high setting. (3 minutes)
6. Go to laundry room to reset the breaker because it can't take all that blow-drying power. (30 seconds)
7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 at least 3 or 4 more times to achieve said nearly moistureless hair. (14 minutes)
8. Brush hair and apply mousse. (45 seconds)
9. Use big round brush with dryer on low setting to smooth and straighten hair to complete dryness. (with another couple breaker resets, 7 minutes)
10. Apply smoothing serum/creme, whichever one is currently available under counter. (15 seconds)

Total time from start to finish=63-68 minutes
Results? Great hair for the 15 minutes immediately following until I leave the house. From then on, it is a decline in hair beauty.

Any question as to why I have decided to give this up? I can assure you that having to leave the dark bathroom, gingerly climbing and tiptoeing across my children's sleeping bodies on the floor outside the bathroom door, upwards of 5 times to reset the breaker is not a great way to start your morning, especially when you've had to lose some precious sleep to do this in the first place. So, I resolved myself to the wet and wavy, sometimes bordering on the verge of curly but mostly just really wavy, style that I can do in under 5 minutes.

That was until I found this.

The first morning I used it was Tuesday. I had showered Monday night after coloring my hair, so my hair wasn't wet, just slightly damp. It was an amazing experience. So simple and easy and effective. I will say that I was not floored by the results right away, but my hair was noticeably straight without any little strays flying away from the newly-tamed mass, so I was happy. I was decidedly happier when I saw myself in a mirror later that day...oh my goodness! Did my hair look this good this morning when I left? I must be overly critical that early in the morning because it looks so great, all flat and shiny! This hair straightener may just be my new best friend because Tuesday was before the hair was trimmed. I can assure you that I hadn't been happy with the appearance of my hair for months, styled or not, mostly because the ends looked damaged either way. But this? This was a day when I could say that I liked my hair, even with the slightly unhealthy appearance the ends had because that was all that they looked like...slightly unhealthy instead of the fuzzy poofballs that had been so elegantly crowning my shoulders and back before this day. I'd say total styling time that morning was 5-7 minutes, but that was because no showering needed to be done...

Today. Today was the real test.

1. Shower. (20 minutes)
2. Wrap hair in towel while post-showering pampering is completed. (15-20 minutes)
3. Apply color-preserving creme and leave-in conditioner, and comb hair. (2 minutes)
4. Take out hair straightener, plug in, turn on, and set heat temperature. (45 seconds)
5. Grab random sections of hair and straighten. (10 minutes)
6. Apply smoothing serum/creme, whichever one is currently available under counter. (15 seconds)

Total time from start to finish=48-53 minutes (This could probably be reduced if I start with a higher heat setting to begin with, but I wanted to use the lowest setting possible to minimize damage.)
Results? Acceptable hair when I leave the house. Fabulous hair for the rest of the day, seemingly perfecting itself as the hours pass.

I can spare 15 minutes of sleep for this rediscovered love of my hair;>


Chebbles' Mama said...

What an awesome discovery!! Even though my hair is not curly, it always looks so SLEEK when it's had a date with a hair straightener. Hooray for getting some of your life back!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

My hair isn't really curly, either. If I comb or brush it while it's wet, then it will dry fairly straight but just a little wavy. Those straighteners do certainly make the straightness sleek, and I just had no idea;>

Laura said...

I, too, recently discovered the virtues of the ceramic flat iron! It is super fast and effective. Yippie! I HATE morning rituals--mostly because I'd much rather be sleeping! Be careful, though, the other day I was using it and felt a burn on my finger. Then I realized that it was actually my hair--not the iron--that had burned me.

k8 said...

i used to try for straight but gave up and got a body wave which the stylist texturizes and razors so it looks like my hair is naturally curly. i used to have the lengthy hair routine but now i can just blow and go.

Jomama said...

I have that same straighter and I love it too! I'm glad you discovered how great it is.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

laura - The hair does get really hot. I've noticed that, too, just from picking up a wet strand that I've just run through the iron.

k8 - The wavy-thing worked alright, but I really prefer the look of my hair straight. My hair used to be pretty straight until I had the boys...then, the wave came through and never left. Plus, I've never been able to figure out the drying of wavy hair so that it looks good.

Skyqueen said...

I have the same iron and I LOVE it! I could never use the hair dryer in fl it was just too hot and I'd be a sweaty mess when I was done. It was so bad that my scalp would sweat..then what's the point of drying it anyway.

I'm VERY low-pro when it comes to hair so this totally works for me. Glad you like it

Eunice said...

very nice. Maybe I should check that out. Even so, it would still only cut my hair time down to about 45-50 minutes, since I have so much.

briliantdonkey said...

Nothing whatsoever to say regarding hair all I hear/see is white noise. Tis a problem on MY end not yours.




Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

jomama - I'm so glad you have this wonderful iron, too;>

skyqueen - I completely empathize with the sweating while trying to dry thing. I've done that too often myself;>

eunice - Don't underestimate this thing. I've got a lot of hair, too. Besides, the instructions tell you which heat setting to use based on hair type and whether it's wet, damp, or dry, and there are 30 heat settings.

bd - No response necessary;>