Monday, February 12, 2007

Opportunity seized or blog prostitution?

I read a post on Jonathan's blog last night and then an article that was linked in one of the comments regarding people being paid to post about a company or product on their blogs. While I understand the hesitation in accepting these posts as legitimate personal posts, I'm still considering looking into the PayPerPost opportunities. The editorial piece done about this subject mentioned a campaign by Darden restaurants to promote Bahama Breeze*. Are you serious? Someone was willing to pay me to gush over what is probably my favorite restaurant ever?!? BahamaRita is the most delectable margarita ever made, even if it is served frozen instead of my preferred on the rocks. It was then that I realized that there are products and companies I've mentioned on here without being paid for my opinion; the one that comes to mind is Trader Joe's pomegranate white tea, not to mention the other post I put up about white tea. If these posts had been sponsored, then the brand would probably have been mentioned more clearly rather than just linking to their site, but still, the point is that I comment on products and companies regardless, so why not make a few dollars for doing so? This is not what I'd consider to be selling out. I understand that there are people that simply blog about the things for the money, but that might not be the case for everyone.

Sometimes you want to post something but are lacking inspiration. Ever notice my posts that don't deal directly with my activities usually contain a link to someone's post or a news item...or a tea product, as the case may be? When I want to blog but can't think of anything I want to write about, I start looking for things to piggyback off of, such as other bloggers or news items. From what I can tell, the opportunites available through PayPerPost might just be another avenue to explore for blog topics. There's at least one or two available now that I could post on, and one I've been meaning to post about because of some pending legislation in my state. I could see this blogging about a certain company or product as being out of place on a blog that truly does nothing but chronicle a person's daily activities, but quite honestly, I haven't read a personal blog yet that doesn't get into more than just that.

People naturally promote things in their life that are good, and even more often discuss experiences they've had, and that could easily include a company and/or its product(s), so I really wouldn't mind knowing that a blogger got some extra cash for posting about it. Granted, if the blog was dominated by such posts, then I'd have to second-guess the sincerity, but seeing one here or there doesn't seem insincere to me. Being paid to post doesn't have to turn you into a blogging whore, does it?

* This is not a sponsored post; I'm not even sure if they are still paying for posts about the place. The only reason it hasn't been mentioned here before is simply because I no longer live close to one. NS can certainly affirm my unnatural love of this place as I could barely stop oohing and aahing and drooling and informing that we must move to Washington to be near one long enough to close the web browser tab with the Bahama Breeze site in view and finish the original blogging-for-money item I'd been reading.


Nocturnal said...

Agreed, promotion can happen by a casual conversation at a coffee shop for that matter. What's the diff?

fringes said...

I think you should look into it. Why turn down earned money? It's not like you'd be selling drugs to little kids.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

nocturnal - Thanks for stopping by...and for agreeing with me, of course;>

fringes - I'm pretty certain I will probably take what I can get from it. Who can't use some extra money for doing something you would do anyway? If the paid ones end up sounding too out of character or forced, then I'll at least try to balance them with a non-paid post the same day if I don't stop altogether.

briliantdonkey said...

It is certainly worth a try. No matter what you put on it or post about there is always going to be the potential for someone to think you are just selling out. Only you know for sure, so just make sure you pass the 'you' test and let anyone else think what they may.


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

There are SO many things I would totally gush over for free in my blog, why not get paid to do it too??

Eunice said...

Well here's what I say: if you're going to do it anyway, why not get paid for your opinions?

The only drawback is that it might limit your freedom of expressing any sincere dissatisfaction you may have with the company/product.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

bd - I agree. It just seems sad to me that people will assume because someone accepted compensation to post about a company and/or its products that the post wasn't genuine.

anonymous midwest girl - Hi. My thoughts exactly.

eunice - You only post about the ones you want. Just in my brief scan of the info the other night, there's page after page of opportunities, only some specifying the post needing to have a positive tone, so if you are not able to give a positive review, you don't do it...or you do the negative review and chalk it up to blogging fodder with no money;>