Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let me count the ways...

Many people that complain about Valentine's Day being loathsome start their arguments with how commercialized it is. Sure it is, but isn't every holiday? Does any holiday's symbolism need to be diminished because some people support its generic commercialization? I don't think so. There are plenty of people and couples that put thought into their Valentine's Day celebrations, those that are simply taking advantage of a well-known holiday to pull out all the stops to woo the one they've been admiring from afar or to express the happiness their significant other brings to their life. I don't think the holiday needs to be hated in its entirety because there is an abundance of crap to buy with marketing campaigns vigilently attempting to impose guilt upon us for not buying every last piece of I said, I can't think of any holiday we celebrate that couldn't fall into that same trap.

NS and I have been together for approximately 15 months. So, in honor of what this day is supposed to commemorate, I'm sharing a list of 15 reasons he makes me happy to have him in my life.

1. When I was so sick last month after we got back from Canada, he let me be sick and deathly and bedridden as much as I needed to be. He let me sleep all day, keeping the boys occupied and fed and clean, day after day until I was better.
2. He gets so much entertainment from tickling me. Considering this takes absolutely no effort on my part, it's endearing to see him derive that much pleasure in my hysterical laughter. It's a fun part of our nights.
3. Homemade cookies. Most recent batch included cheesecake (Yes! Cheeeeeesecaaaaake!!) pudding and white-chocolate/dark-chocolate as well as raspberry/dark-chocolate chips.
4. His vision of the future is ambitious but is not founded merely on leaps of faith. The plans are solid and well thought out. It's definitely a future I want to be part of.
5. Loves big furry dogs and could care less if they leave trails of slippery slobber on everything within their reach.
6. He doesn't hesitate to do laundry, vacuum, pick up probably get the point;>
7. Even if I mention or even sigh with dispair about clothes not fitting, he won't just join in my frustration. In fact, he doesn't say anything to agree with me. He doesn't ever comment on the extra fluffiness I've retained from the last pregnancy. That is one of the most important things a man can ever do for a any efforts she makes to lose weight or get in better shape, but never make her feel like she's not doing enough.
8. He was the greatest daddy-to-be, gentle and loving in caressing my bulging belly, excited about the ultrasound, catering to my culinary whims, making plans, and truly saddened when it all changed so quickly.
9. My boys are his boys in his mind and in his actions. Their care is not left solely to me. He will stay home with them for a few hours while I go shopping by myself. No matter how well-behaved they are in public, shopping is extraordinarily easier on my own. He thinks about what kind of school they'll attend after we move. He plays with them the way a dad should play with his boys, like I never can or could.
10. Monkeys are cute to him. I can totally play into this, being born in the year of the monkey and all;> I'm more than a little fond of these primates as well.
11. He doesn't settle. He's not opposed to waiting to get what he wants. This applies across the board, even in buying things for me. He will try to get the best price possible but won't sacrifice quality to do so. The likelihood that this goes deeper than materialistic things makes a girl feel special.
12. Discussing the disaster that is my mother's marriage one afternoon over lunch, he said that he would have no problem with her relocating with us next year, even staying with us for a while to make the transition easier. He said simply that my happiness is what is ultimately important to him, and it isn't hard to realize that helping my mother escape the drama with which she currently lives would make me happier.
13. The foreplay! It exists and is never skipped and is always effective...'nuf said.
14. The orgasms!! I think there's a chance I might break something if they were more intense or more plentiful;>
15. He appreciates the things that make me girlie, but he also acknowledges and appreciates the characteristics of my personality that aren't common traits for all women: the lack of need for drama, the lack of nagging, the fact that I love him as he is and don't expect nor want him to change.


briliantdonkey said...

Sounds to me like A)you have found yourself quite the winner and B) are smart enough to realize it. Great list and good for all four of you.


Ariel said...

This is very sweet. I agree with BD t-totally.

Heather said...

This was really sweet. In the past, I've done "Why I Love You" lists for my boyfriend. You may have inspired me to do another one. :)

Happy late Valentine's Day!

fringes said...

Great list. Makes me wish for romance again.

k8 said...

hey i'm fond of monkeys too!